Gone Casual

JayJays have a great range of tie dye t-shirts with good length sleeves. I mostly buy the mens ones.

I don’t know about you, but in these COVID times it is rare for us to venture outside the house at all. We stopped doing home deliveries for people in September of 2020. We have not done a trip up to Sydney or down the coast since then.

If we do go somewhere together it will usually be Aldi or Bunnings, but we usually do it after 6pm when most people have gone home. It is so rare for the two of us to go out together, most times when we come back I manage to set off the house alarm because I forget it is on.

We used to do the shopping together but for the last 6 months before the current outbreak only one of us would go. It would usually be me.

The furthest I can recall us going together in the past month was to the local rubbish dump to recycle cardboard.

On the majority of days, I never put on a pair of shoes at all. Because I struggle with cold feet in the house I wear socks with those sherpa lined slipper socks over the top. I have many many pairs of these JayJays tie dyed socks in a vast array of colours. I have been collecting them for months now. The guy in the shop knows me well enough by now to point out the new designs which have arrived when I walk in.

For some reason wearing socks makes people ask me if I want them to take their shoes off when they arrive here to shop. No, its ok! I just don’t wear shoes inside the house, it is fine for you to wear them.

I often wear a beanie inside the house during winter as well. I like to be warm and cosy but I don’t like to pay huge heating bills. So anything that I can do to keep myself warmer, I will do it.

Are you noticing a bit of a theme here? I’m obsessed with tie dye right now. I probably have 35 different tie dyed t-shirts in the cupboard and those are the only clothes in rotation presently.

I have not worn a pair of earrings, a bracelet, or rings since March 2020. That does make me a bit sad. I think I should make an effort to get back into wearing jewellery.

Overall, it is all casual wear all the time here. I can’t see it changing anytime soon, either.

In good news, finally yesterday I was on the website at the right moment to score a cancellation vaccination appointment. I had my first Pfizer vaccination today.

What are you wearing, in these interesting times?

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6 thoughts on “Gone Casual

  1. Hurrah for the vaccination! I’m wearing mostly leggings and tee-shirts. It’s dress up to wear jeans and boots with an actual shirt. I’ve gone to ground too. I miss my “old life” but I don’t know that I’ll ever feel completely comfortable going back to it.

  2. I am wearing skirts a lot during the summer. When I go shopping, I wear clothes with pockets because I no longer take my purse. I also prefer washable clothes because I change as soon as I get home. Occasionally I pull something out of the closet that will need dry cleaning and wear it one more time before depositing it at the cleaners. I am trying to keep my dry cleaner in business.

  3. This is some of the most elegant tie-dye I’ve seen. We’ve gotten awfully casual during this time of Covid. Living on the beach, we were already very casual. Now, we go without shaving for days at a time (like 7 days!). I sometimes have to tell SG it’s time to shave and get a haircut… and change his clothes before he goes out. (He tends to only comb the front, so he really shouldn’t let it go too long.)

  4. You will be so out of practice when you decide to go back to how you used to your old life. If we ever go back to our old life.

  5. It’s rare for me to wear jewelry, too. I like those dragonflies but I’ve got a metal allergy which means very few of the cute earrings. I don’t dress a lot differently. I am a pretty casual person.

    Congratulations on getting a vaccine scheduled. With the delta variant and the surge in infections and hospitalizations – around here almost all hospitalizations are people who refused to get the vaccine – I don’t feel comfortable going into shops, etc. So, I’m still isolated at home and doing curbside pickup. Thank goodness for curbside!

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