Zero Gravity

How I loved this song once I knew the story behind it. They did a great Australian Story episode on it a couple of weeks ago and I was lucky enough to catch it. What an amazing idea and those dancers look like they were having a great time. I’d love to have a crack at that. They are actually suspended in the air on poles.

The Other Half is NOT at all a fan of this song. I think partly because it is very catchy and it does tend to get stuck in your head, and partly because it has operatic parts to it which he does not enjoy. He would prefer I do not listen to it in his presence which really means the only place I can play it is at work. I’ve just finished making a new work playlist with nearly 260 songs on it.

Another song which got stuck in my head this week was Brain Damage by Pink Floyd, which appeared in the Westworld season 3 trailer.

While looking for these two videos I stumbled upon this video of Julia Louis Dreyfus talking about fashion from her life.

A couple of weeks ago, unhappy with the local options for brooches, I went online and ordered a bunch of brooches direct from China. They have not arrived here yet, but can you guess what happened as soon as I did that? BROOCHES. BROOCHES EVERYWHERE. Most stores I went into yesterday had 5 or more options when previously they had just one. Obviously I prefer paying less than $3 for a brooch and if these turn out to be fabulous I may order more eventually.

The election went well and I truly enjoyed my day as second in charge. I was relentlessly cheerful. It didn’t matter what got thrown at me, I handled it with a smile on my face. I got to wear the yellow “supervisor” tabard instead of the purple “staff” one and I chose my outfit to match.

There were at least 10 of us in the booth all from different backgrounds and political leanings. There was one moment in the day where I got to make an announcement and everyone clapped and cheered – the news came in that former Prime Minister Tony Abbott had lost his seat.

For me I had always disliked that man because he insisted on imposing his religious beliefs on Australia. I do not think that is appropriate.

The moment that turned my dislike to utter hatred was when he sat at his sister’s wedding with a face like he was sucking a lemon. Tony was anti-same sex marriage and his sister was marrying a woman. He couldn’t even pretend like he was happy for her, not even when the cameras were watching him the whole time – it later aired on Australian Story, I think.

Yet when he lost his seat of 25 years last weekend, she was standing behind him, tears in her eyes, sad for his loss. She deserves a better brother.

There was one not so great leftover – I had to take someone to get dinner as they had not brought it and did not have a car. It wasn’t until we were in the car that I smelled.. them. A delicate bouquet of stale cigarette smoke, BO, long unwashed clothes, and perhaps foot odor. In total they were in my car less than 15 minutes, but when I returned to it at nearly 11pm, the smell hit me like a truck.

The smell did not leave over the following days, and I personally believe it attached itself to me at least once this week and followed me wherever I went. After that happened I took my car seat covers off and washed them even though it did not tell me I could wash them (hopefully I can put them back on) and then I took my car to be washed and hit with the fragrance bomb, and then I added a couple of scented things yesterday. I hope it will be gone today.

Anyway there you have it, a bits and bobs post. I’m hoping to get some time this weekend to write a couple of larger ones! ;)

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8 thoughts on “Zero Gravity

  1. Fascinating post. She does deserve a better brother. My only living brother and I don’t agree on politics at all (he’s a Trump guy) but I love him, so we don’t discuss it. He’s a great person otherwise, but ultra evangelical and most of those people (for reasons I do NOT understand) support that horrible president of ours. What an embarrassment he is! I am very sensitive to smells, thus I would have suffered a long with you in the car, and later. I often wonder if I’m just imagining the residual odor. My mom called me “the sniffer” when I was a child because that was the primary sense I used to get information from things.

    • I don’t understand it either but long before the elections I knew Trump was going to win – he is tv famous and people love that. If a Kardashian runs, watch out, it’ll be game over. Plus people really did not love Hilary overall. I think people thought she should have kicked Bill to the kerb. I can’t say I disagree with that concept myself to be fair but I can also see the other side of it, too.

      Tony Abbott was a big campaigner for the NO vote on same sex marriage and it was awful to watch. He insisted there be a “plebiscite” vote which cost our country something like $160 million dollars, rather than letting the MPs vote on it in the house as should have happened. So I was already anti-him, after that.. but then this wedding thing. I honestly wished I could reach through the screen and slap him across the face. :(

  2. This election has left such a bitter aftertaste. I have been part of online discussions about the result and it’s descended into small minded meanness in many respects. But I agree, that must have been a powerful moment announcing the outcome for Tony.

    SSG xxx

    • There was a good documentary on Four Corners last Monday night about the Tony Abbott thing, well worth a watch on iview if you did not catch it. :) But yes I find people are generally not happy with the result overall. There seems to be more and more polarization and divisiveness and very little collaboration or coming together.

      I think for me the worst part of it all was seeing Tony’s sister standing behind him with tears in her eyes while he gave his concession speech, supporting him 100% as she has always done.. what a shame that support isn’t returned if it doesn’t fit into his very narrow religious worldview.

      I think Zali Steggall is a bit of an unstoppable force to be reckoned with, it will be a delight to watch her. Hopefully for the next 25 years or so! ;)

  3. I think you are being a bit over the top about the smell. Surely just opening a window would have cleared out any smell. We are subjected to all sorts of unpleasant smells daily. We don’t die.

    I put hard work into keeping our family together and connected. Seems like the intolerable and excruciating Abbott and his sister do too. I really like that everyone cheered at Abbott’s loss of what should be a safe conservative seat. I would have loved to have seen you making the announcement.

    • Oh no, Andrew, it was very bad. It was a 15 minute drive home and though it was very cold I had the windows open the whole way. By the time I got home it seemed like it had mostly gone.. but we’ve had some gorgeous sunny days this week, and my car is not undercover. After Election Day I wanted to chill out at home so the car did not go anywhere on Sunday and it wasn’t till Monday that I realised the smell had actually got into the seat covers somehow. I think that sitting in the sun all day Sunday intensified the smell.

      Stale cigarette smoke is one of the most difficult odors to get rid of, I’ve found. I’m particularly sensitive to it as smoke – stale and fresh – irritates my sinus.

      The good news is, washing the car seat covers seems to have worked, and the car wash folks helped me out with plenty of fragrance, plus I put a jelly belly very cherry scented hanger in there and that caught the morning sun this morning – by the time I got out there this morning, it was a cherry flavoured extravaganza. ;)

    • Oh watch out Mitchell, it is quite an earworm. It’ll come back as you are trying to go to sleep and you’ll fall in love with it. You have no choice. :)

      And now all I have to do is mention it to The Other Half, and it starts playing in his head. ;)

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