A Little Bit Of Housekeeping

Exciting happenings in Snoskredland – I’m working this next election as second in charge as a surprise. It seems a lot of people have pulled out at the last minute, so I got the call and said yes.

Work is going well, getting shiznit done fast and enjoying every minute of it. How many jobs can you say that about?

Lots of walking and running happening here lately, too.

When I get some spare time I have a couple of longer posts to write. But this is just a quick one to say I am updating the blogroll to remove blogs that no longer exist or have suddenly begun posting weird stuff. Probably next week if I have time, I’ll make sure to add in my new reads.

Hope you are all well!

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8 thoughts on “A Little Bit Of Housekeeping

    • Of course you will not be culled. ;) You’re on there for good Andrew!

      I’m super excited about the election plus I have a work shift tomorrow and I had a great one there today. It is good when you enjoy what you do. :)

  1. I noticed this week that a couple of the older blogs (that were in my feed reader but not on my blog roll) had been hijacked. Both of them started spewing out a series of spam posts. I quickly deleted them.

  2. It sounds like things are going quite well there. Being busy can be such a positive. Sometimes I don’t think I’m busy enough; I have too much time to fret.

    • Margaret – I wonder if it is worth looking for something part time, something completely different to what you’ve done before, or maybe even looking at doing some study yourself? I read on Senior Nomads that folks over 60 can audit classes at the University of Washington for free, is that anywhere near you? I think it is near Seattle? Is it worth looking into whether that can be done at a university near to you? ;)

      I think I’d like to go back to the animal shelter once I retire. I volunteered there for a while and loved it but then got busy with life.

  3. Hope I stay on the blog list too Snoskred :-) . I’ve never worked an election but a couple of my friends have so I’m thinking you’ll be exhausted Saturday night/Sunday!

    • Of course you are still on the list. :) Actually it is interesting – I find the election work to be energizing even after 14+ hours of it. I’m the one ready to keep going when everyone else is tiring towards the end of the count.

      I definitely think it is worth signing up and having a go. I’ve met some fantastic people thanks to it, got a few really awesome friends as a surprise and for the past 3-4 elections we had a great tight knit team who were there at the same booth every time. This election we all went different places and I think took our awesome team vibe with us to new groups. I’m hoping to work my way up to OIC eventually. Plus the pay is pretty great.

      The one downside is I can’t spend election night with Antony Green and a good piece of cheesecake. That was my previous election night ritual. I do record him and watch him later though, because I love him so much.

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