I’m known to be one of the worlds most organised people – if I think I am going to need something I bring it with me. I tote bag a lot. At one point in her 2018 New Zealand tour, the Duchess of Sussex Meghan Markle was provided with a gorgeous tote bag.

This sent me on a tote bag tour of my own. I eventually found some brilliant ones at Society 6. My experience has been that they are well made out of a good material and thus far I have been unable to destroy them with toting – as tends to happen to your cheaper and some of your more expensive options. They have three different sizes – the 13×13 is on the small side but perfect for lunching out and strolling, the 16×16 is a more useful size for shopping in general, and the 18×18 is good if you have to take a lot of spare stuff with you eg shoes and an entire other outfit like I did last weekend for the election.

There are many different kinds of designs. I was very tempted to get one for my Mother at Christmas that said “It’s beginning to look a lot like fuck this” because that is exactly how she feels about Christmas. Here are some of my personal favourites.

Succulent Garden

Gold Indigo Malachite Marble


Koi fish – Yin Yang


Effervescent Orange Atomic Age Black Kitschy Cat Trio

Purple Lavender Quartz Crystal

This is just a very small selection. They have over a thousand totes you can choose from, many of them unique art uploaded by the artists themselves. You can search by colour if you know what colour you would like, or you can type in a word and see what pops up – perhaps peacocks?

Perhaps dogs?

I’ve got 3 in my cart right now which are going to be gifts for family the next time they do 30% off with free shipping. ;)

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5 thoughts on “Toting

  1. Those are indeed beautiful and artistic. Being a retired school teacher, I wouldn’t carry a tote with the f-word on it. I always seem to run into former students or their parents when I’m out and about. :)

    • margiegf – They are certainly out there and it wouldn’t be my work tote or an every day tote, just something I might use once in a while. Though come to think of it I should have been using it as a work tote these last couple of months because fresh out of fucks describes how I was feeling perfectly. ;)

      When I read this comment I thought of my Aunt, who will not choose an “out there” colour for her nails if she is going to work. She is over 70 now and has retired but does some fill in work from time to time. I said to her that these days there are people out there in the workforce with face tattoos, you can pick whatever colour you like, nobody is going to care.

      Times are changing and the F word is not as shocking as it once was, particularly in Australia. We are a country of swearers, lol.

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