Not Quite Over

I thought I had finished my Black Friday rant but turns out I am still ranty about it. I received the above in an email on Sunday. Friday cannot be on a Sunday, Kmart. That is not how days work!

According to my shopping emails, Black Friday began here on Friday the 22nd of November and it continued to Sunday the 1st of December. Black Friday involved a Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, the actual Black Friday, second Saturday, and a second Sunday. What an amazing day to last 10 days. And then it was Cyber Monday, sure, fine, whatever, but now I wake up this morning to this email?

You are going to make cyber week out of cyber Monday? NO I MUST DECLINE THIS.

Bad enough that in the space of Cyber Monday, the retailers that I gave my email address sent me 59 emails. On a good day I get 12-14 and I don’t mind it, I like to keep in the loop of what is happening though I very rarely buy anything now. But no, just because you have my email address does not entitle you to send me multiple emails in one day. I expect one per day. Anything more, and we’re breaking up. So I have a few retailers to unsubscribe from now.

To add insult to this injury, in Australia Black Friday has a very different meaning – it refers to a terrible bushfire event in 1939 where 71 people died in the fires.

I’d accept this retail insanity IF we had the Thanksgiving to go with it as they do in the US. But we do not. So it is just an excuse for the shops to try and get us to spend $$, and we have more than enough of those already.

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8 thoughts on “Not Quite Over

  1. Agree with you on this 100%

    I’ve begun to decline the request for me to provide an email address unless I feel it is absolutely necessary.
    Also have unsubscribed from countless websites this year – it’s amazing how few emails come through each day now

  2. I’ve done as Cathy above has done. So many emails less to delete without reading. I haven’t stopped the Dick Smith or Kojan emails that arrive separately but is the same company.

    I think our Myer store and Target started Black Friday on Thursday.

    There is some push back in the US with something I can’t remember the name of but like, shop small business locally Sunday.

  3. It’s the same situation here and it annoys me so much. If they had to import an American tradition, I’d prefer they import Thanksgiving. But then I guess that’s not a retailer’s dream, is it?

    We had one place offering “Black Friday Sales with unbelievable prices Monday to Wednesday”. I can’t really fathom the logic of that one! As I’m not into shopping at the best of times, I happily skipped it all and deleted any emails about it. As if we need to buy a whole lot more crap that we really don’t need.

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