New Cards September


Four new cards this month. While I am posting, here are some other new items I’m loving.


Australian made from Aldi, these Malted Milk Balls are amazing. They are about 50 times more yummy than a Malteser because they are solidly packed with malt instead of being mostly air. The only way they could be any more awesome would be with a dark chocolate coating.


Here is a look inside. Om nom nom! Run, don’t walk, to your nearest Aldi and pick up a set of these.


These Colour Clickers were just $4.95 and they have a set of replacement leads. These are mechanical pencils. I love using them and find them much better than wooden pencils. I’d buy a 72 pencil set if I could find one.


This 24 set of colour pencils was excellent value as well. I find the Mont Marte items to be great.

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12 thoughts on “New Cards September

    • Run, don’t walk. These are deeply awesome! I saw they had some other items there as well, milk buds was one that I remember but I think there were 4 new items in the box with the malted milk balls. I’ll be checking next visit to see exactly what was there. :)

  1. Malted milk balls, OMG, they are one of my favorite things. Near Easter around here, they have candy coated “Easter eggs” that are really malted milk balls. I can’t even have them around! I’ve been hearing more about Aldi and that they’re going to take a run at Walmart in the US. Hope they take them down.

  2. “RUN” to my nearest Aldi?? Do you have any idea how far you are sending me? That could take days. Or weeks.You’re going to have to send me some. My address is……..

  3. I would LOVE those malted milk balls. (We called them “moth” balls when we were kids.) Also, seeing those colour pencils reminds me of the wonderful sets I have and need to pull out. I’ve got an incredible set of watercolour pencils which I’ve been planning to play with for a couple of years now. MAYBE this will inspire me.

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