Only In Australia


Seen today at Bunnings, which is a local hardware store.

Due to our lack of rain, recently the local kangaroos have been heading into the more populated areas in order to eat peoples lawns. :) I wonder how they would react to these “twinkle” kangaroos if they met them on a lawn somewhere? Would they recognise it as another kangaroo?

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5 thoughts on “Only In Australia

  1. I hope to goodness none of my ‘nothing like a good Christmas light display’ neighbours spot this at our local big green barn. I can hear mutterings about that ‘blinking roo’ all the way down the street ?
    Not quite contryfied enough in my area to have them bounding around the suburbs where I am but – yes I do wonder when would be thought.
    “Ooh I love your dress, where did you buy it??”

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