Talk Like A Pirate Day


I got this interesting email from Krispy Kreme this week – I’m subscribed to their list because I love me some Krispy Kreme. It seems that if you talk like a pirate you get one free donut, and if you dress like a pirate, you get a free dozen donuts. This might be a fun place to go and have coffee and a donut or few today if you have one nearby. You can register and read all the fine print here.


But if you want the fun of pirates without leaving your own home, below, I present to you The Pirate Movie. In full. On Youtube. If you have never seen this cheesy musical movie, make today the day.

You can also read my review of The Pirate Movie here.

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9 thoughts on “Talk Like A Pirate Day

  1. I switched the radio on this morning to listen to the news before I got out of bed and the broadcaster was talking like a pirate. I initially wondered what was wrong with her voice. It was Libby Gore, or maybe remembered by many as Elle McFeast

    • It has been my favourite musical movie for a long time now. :) Garry McDonald lives not far from here and he has been into my parents shop several times.. out of all the things he has done over the years this is the role I would most want to ask him about.. but if I saw him in person they’d probably have to pick me up off the floor.. Mum’s had all these lovely chats with him and I’m like.. why didn’t you ring ME! I could be there in 5 minutes. The Polo would go supersonic to get to Garry Mcdonald. :)

    • Krispy Kreme is my kryptonite. :) I love their Krispy outside and soft and fluffy insides! It seems impossible to believe it can exist in the world.

      And 99% of the time I am very happy to forget they exist because the nearest KK is 2 hours drive away.. lucky for me in some ways, not lucky in other ways, I would have enjoyed the pirate costumes.. :)

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