Ice Spheres


When I was little, my Grandma had this wonderful ice block which would create round ice cubes. I loved that thing. There is something about an ice sphere that is so pleasing to me. So when we saw some wacky sphere ice cube moulds at Kmart for $2.00 we thought we would pick them up and give them a try. It was a trip down memory lane for me, somewhat.


To begin with they were quite successful, though, over-filling them did create an Icicle Incident in the freezer.


However as time went on, they developed leaks where you open the spheres to let the ice out, and generally caused a mess and became a bit of an epic fail. Instead of spheres, you got half a sphere and then a space with no ice because that water had leaked out onto the plate I kept them on. I could probably have filled them a second time once they had frozen enough to seal, but it was a little too much hassle and annoyance rather than fun.


We’ve stopped using them now because of this epic failure. I’ll keep looking for something more like this and hopefully one day I might find one that makes the mini ice balls like my Grandma used to make.


Grandmas was more like this but it had 3 lines of ice spheres. I already have an ice cube tray which makes those large square ice cubes and for the time being I will enjoy those.

Late Breaking Ice Sphere Update


At the end of August, during our fortnightly Aldi shop, we spotted these ice sphere moulds.


This mould makes large ice spheres very successfully. If they have some more of these on our next visit, I intend to pick up a couple more.


They are not wrong when they say it creates a slow melting ice sphere. I made a drink at 6pm and by 8pm there was still a sizeable sphere in the glass. I suspect these will be fantastic in summer. Now, if only I can find a triangle ice mould, things could get really mathematical! :)

Over to you

Do you like a wacky ice cube? :) Do you have any ice cube memories?

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15 thoughts on “Ice Spheres

  1. Ooh, I love the ice spheres and they do seem like they would melt much slower. The hot thing(ironic?) in ice cubery now is clear ice, which is a very expensive process. They are the rage in bar drinks but cost $1 PER CUBE. I’ll just have cloudy ice, thank you very much!

  2. I had one of those ice sphere trays for years and hardly ever used it. I sent it to Vinnies in a box of other stuff when I moved here. One year later my daughter wanted to borrow it :( now here you are wishing you had one.

    • It has been a while since I had a fridge with an ice maker – they are not very popular in Australia because they are always very expensive here, but my parents owned one when I was growing up. :)

      I think these ice spheres would be great in Hawaii because it takes a lot longer for the ice to melt. :)

    • I’m enjoying my spheres on a twice weekly basis at this time however when summer arrives, I think I will crank up my sphere usage to daily.

      One small issue I have is where to put them in the freezer, I am thinking they need a storage bucket. :)

      Thanks for dropping by my place! ;)

  3. Actually yes.. I have space invaders, the death star which is a sphere ice too, titanic which has icebergs, brains which are half spheres.. etc etc.. I can’t think of the others, I adore wacky ice cubes, :)

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