Happenings In Snoskredland


Burning: These little candles from Aldi which cost $2.99 each. They smell delicious and provide a lovely warming glow. In general I am burning them for 1-2 hours each day and they last a week or so.


Microwaving: These yummy Aldi puddings for 40 seconds and then serving with ice cream. The sticky date one is probably my current favourite.


Moisturizing: Both feet and hands with this orange scented shea butter body cream that I brought back from Hawaii in 2013. It smells like you just peeled an orange and juiced it, in a good way.


Sleeping: Two kitties have been sleeping in front of the gas heater with this artic blast.


Enjoying: Some dark chocolate. We went to Coles and I said I wanted to be allowed to look at 3 things for as long as I wanted to look at them, because normally The Other Half rushes me in and out of there. All 3 things were in the chocolate area, and we stopped and discussed the various chocolate bars available. The Lindor Dark is an old reliable that we always enjoy.

Wondering: The Willies Cacao blocks are new buys for us, and oddly they are one solid piece of chocolate without any place to break them. It makes me wonder what people do with these – eat them in one sitting? Chop them up with a knife? Melt them down and use them for fondue?


Snacking: I bought the Butterscotch and Vanilla Bean and I tried that first, it was awesome. This is a lovely version of Greek Yoghurt, just slightly sweet and plenty tart. So on the same night I asked to look at 3 things, I took a moment to grab the other versions of this from the shelf. The Boysenberry & Vanilla flavour is super tart, slightly too tart for me.


Opining: I will always buy salted caramel flavours once to try them.. however, if you are going to get me to buy it again, you have to BRING it. On this occasion, they did not bring the salt. The caramel was ok, but the lack of salt means this will not be bought again by me. The butterscotch and vanilla is the winner and I highly recommend it. :)


Standing: And driving, under the tail of the 747 at HARS. The place they have put it, you actually have to drive under the tail. And I got to have that moment I have waited all my lifetime for – to stand under a 747. Incredible!


Washing: We thought we would give the new antibacterial scented liquid hand wash from Aldi a try, and the grapefruit flavour is a huge winner. I love it so much! We’ll keep buying it. The other flavour we tried – Lime Splice – is not very optimal, it is a bit sickly for me.

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18 thoughts on “Happenings In Snoskredland

  1. I like most things citrus, as long as they smell(or taste) somewhat natural. I hate those perfumey flavorings, so fake. Lindt/Lindor chocolate is some of my favorite although I prefer milk chocolate. I’m pretty excited to fly on a 747 from Seoul to Phuket!

  2. Those steamed puddings look delicious! I don’t think I’ve seen anything like that here. I have Aldi near me, but I’m guess the puddings are a local thing and I won’t find them here.

    • Aldi is a weird animal, there are some differences between Aldi Europe and Australia that I have seen evidence of, in various blog posts. Here these puddings tend to arrive around autumn and remain on the shelves for winter, but last summer I was looking for them and could not find them anywhere. In Australia they do some seasonal lines, they do some lines which are for a limited time only, and then they do their weekly special buys which in general last until they sell out. :)

      I should do a blog post on Aldi Australia, I think. :) Maybe you could do one on Aldi where you are, and Sephy could do one on Aldi USA. :)

  3. I’ve tried both those steamed pudding flavours, but from a different brand, Aunt Betty’s. Never again. Home made is so much better.
    I have a vanilla&caramel candle, from Woolies, Airwick brand and very nice.

    • Can I home make this in 40 seconds? Not likely.. :) plus, there are only two of us, so these little serves are quite useful to keep in the pantry for a quick dessert. I like the Aunt Bettys Vanilla and Strawberry one. The Aldi sticky date one has actual pieces of date in there, which makes it pretty tasty and awesome.. :)

    • You’ll have to make a trip down to Albion Park with Toddler SSG – preferably on an open day at Hars because they fly some of the older planes as well. They do guided tours every day, though. You can find out more about HARS here.

      But if you drive down this way for a different reason and just want to swing past, you too can stand under the 747 without having to do a guided tour or anything, the tail is not fenced off and sits above a road. :)

    • They are worth buying – they do not throw their scent very far – or at least, for me, they are burning with a Wood Wick candle that overpowers them in my house, so it is possible on their own they might be more scenty than I am noticing here. :) But for the price they are quite awesome!

  4. V jealous of the standing under the queen of the skies! ;)

    Also the microwaved pudding sounds interesting. I’m sure it’s not something you can find too readily here. Maybe at a store specializing in international foods. :)

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