Sunday Selections Week 29


This week I am posting a couple of photos taken in February 2003 of Yananyi Dreaming. You can read more about the flying art aircraft of Qantas here – Flying Art.


We got to photograph both sides of the plane which is a somewhat rare occurance.

Would you like to join in? The rules are very simple:-
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Weekly Wrap Up –

On Friday this week, I received the best SMS ever from my Aunt. I’m going to share it with you, plus my reply.

Hi Sparkles just wanted to let you know scans I had came back showing NO cancer so I’m in remission according to my doctor.

FYI Sparkles is my nickname because I am usually wearing at least one sparkly item. :) My reply went like this –

What a happy moment! Yay. There are no suitable words for this news. I may have to get out the thesaurus.

I’m taking a week off from the weekly wrap up this week. I did not feel very inspired to save links this week. I’ve had yet another cold and I am losing my patience for pretty much everything at this point. :) Though that SMS cheered me up enormously.

My Aunt is coming up to visit in early August, so I’m wondering whether I should put together a celebration package or just put together a gift bag for when she gets here. I am leaning towards the latter because my last package took over a month to arrive. I posted it the same day I posted a package to Sephyroth and he received his within a week, and his package went from Australia to the USA!

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12 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 29

  1. I remember the plane, if there was only one, making a fly past over Albert Park for Australian Grand Prix. It looked great.

    Always good to receive an sms like that.

  2. Wonderful news about your aunt. How about a bag with lotion, homemade cookies, and snuggly socks, and a soft wrap, everything you need to be comfy when visiting, oh, and maybe a tea cup.

    • I’ve been sending her packages while she has been going through chemo and radiation. Each package had a theme – there was one full of healthy treats and treats I had been informed were helpful for chemo and radiation by a friend who went through it – there was one which had a home theme, I sent a wax melter and a bunch of wax melts, nothing too overpowering scent wise but just yummy smells – there were 6 packages for 6 weeks, I forget all the themes now. :)

      I think the next package would have a celebration theme, and the most important thing now is to try and get her eating more because she’s gone right off the concept of eating due to everything tasting weird and also mouth issues because her cancer was in her throat. So maybe a package of tempting chocolate might be a good concept.. :)

  3. Great news from Auntie! I love that plane; it looks monstrous. Of course flying out of Australia would require LARGE planes, which I personally enjoy. (as long as I have a good seat) However, I do also like flying on a turboprop.

    • It is fantastic news.. there really are not words for it.. :)

      It is actually a tiny plane, a 737, I think it is the framing of the image making it look so large. I cut out all the background. :)

  4. I LOVE that plane. It was flying in to Adelaide airport and passing close and low to a corner I passed each day on my way to work, so I got up extra early and got to the corner in plenty of time, but left my camera sitting on the small table right by the front door in my hurry to get there. Talk about missed opportunities!

    • We flew on it once, I think. It is a bit of a special moment to find out the colourful plane is yours. :) Some airlines have tended to move away from special liveries like this because there was an accident involving a Singapore plane with a special livery a few years back. I’m glad there are still a few around and wish there were more. :)

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