Sunday Selections Week 30


Last week I posted some photos of Yananyi Dreaming, a special Qantas livery on a 737. This week I have the two special 747s together for you, taken together in 2004 at Sydney Airport.


The blue art-plane was known as Nalanji Dreaming.


The red art-plane was known as Wunala Dreaming.

You can read more about these special flying artworks here.

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Weekly Wrap Up –

On the home front, there is good news and not so good news. GOOD: We now have two areas of concrete laid. BAD: The trouble is, there is one area missing, and it is the most important one, the part that connects the driveway to the new concrete. Our cars will be sitting out the front for at least another week. :(

On Wednesday I went with a friend to watch Take That Live. These guys always put on a fantastic show but I usually have to wait for the DVDs to come out. It was amazing seeing the concert on the big screen. There were, admittedly, only 6 of us there, so chances are it will never happen again.

You can find unusual upcoming screenings via the Advanced Tickets page, and also, the Alternate Cinema page.

If you like Pink Floyd, this one might be for you.

Posts Snoskred Enjoyed –

Before posting the links, I will like to say this. Bloggers, there is a way to make your post titles in capitals without actually having to use capitals via CSS. It is called uppercase. I’ve been re-writing post titles to remove the caps, and I’m done doing that. I’m just going to post them in caps from now on.. no offence meant!

Perhaps I can convince Sephy to create a how to guide for that one day. I talked him into writing a how to guide for Tunnelbear, which people might be interested to read. You know when you go to a US or UK website and it says “this content is not available in your region”? Tunnelbear is your solution. Licensing agreements, piffle to you!

How To: Use TunnelBear – I use Tunnelbear regularly to watch everything from tv trailers to video clips.

Last Words: Six Things to Say When Someone is Dying – While I am hopeful I won’t have to be saying these things anytime soon, I do want to point out that saying them now to the person(s) you love is worth doing. I wrote about being that person and saying those important things to people.

The Best Whole Grain Breakfast Recipes on the Interweb (Round Up) – Need more grains in your diet? You should be able to find something here.

Donald Trump Is The World’s Greatest Troll – and it isn’t just the hairstyle that gives it away.. :) Seriously Donald, quit hanging onto those hair scraps, man up, shave whatever that is, OFF!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY GEORGE! NEW PHOTO RELEASED AND TWO YEARS OF GEORGE’S BEST EXPRESSIONS – This is a beautiful post well worth clicking through to read.. :)

MORE MUSHROOM LOVE – MY SPEEDY, SIMPLE MUSHROOM PATE – I have been cooking mushrooms for lunch every single day this week and I think maybe this mushroom pate might be worth a try. It would spice up my cheese and crackers nicely, I think.

Roasted Asparagus and Mushroom Carbonara – this sounds incredible!

Here On The Blog –

Last week I showed you Yananyi Dreaming in Sunday Selections Week 29 – I spoke about how Your Religious Beliefs Are Yours. – and told you about some shows I have been revisiting in Television Tuesday – Old Shows.

You saw my sparkly kitty WW – Sparkly Kitty – and on Friday I said Blogger, Don’t You Lose My Comment!

Blog Spotlight –

Each week, I will link to a blog I am reading to shine a spotlight on it and tell you what I like about it. This week –

Passive Aggressive Notes – The most recent post is somewhat hilarious. :)

Coming Up –

I’m going to tell you about the capers I might plan, if I were more criminally minded. Lucky for the world, I’m not so inclined.. :) Plus, we’re almost at the end of July, so New Feeds July will be posting on Friday.

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8 thoughts on “Sunday Selections Week 30

    • It is a wonderful way to share that with the world as well – those 747’s did mostly international flights. The red one was a fairly regular return visitor to Los Angeles and the USA. The blue one got to mix it up a little more, visiting all kinds of places. :)

      They made models of the planes too, these are ones I would like to add to my small collection of planes.

    • Tunnelbear is fantastic, especially for those who want to view trailers for US shows which are geo-locked.

      I still do not understand the concept of geolocking “next week on Survivor” and show previews, but it seems the powers that be still think the world does not have the internets. :)

    • The blue plane has retired from the fleet – it was a 747-300. The red one was repainted back into Qantas regular paint work a few years back. They only have one special livery flying at the moment, and it is one I have not seen myself. :)

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