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Tell us about a quirk or odd habit that you have.


Many of my best one liners are courtesy of NYPD Blue. The one I use the most was from the first season with Jimmy Smits, where they had a “skell” in the room and they said something to him, and he yells “I decline that”.

I took this to work by simply adding the word “respectfully” in there. I was respectfully declining all kinds of shiznit. Nobody minded, because of the respectful aspect. I even used it on the phones with callers, on one occasion with great success to a prank caller who wanted me to.. well, things I wanted to decline with great prejudice, and possibly to decline with my fists, if such wants had been requested to my face.

No became a word rarely used. And to be honest, I liked declining a lot more than just no. Why use one word when you can use three or four? It fit in with my quirky, Aspergers nature. And with my friends, it was an in joke, as well. :)

I’m like a virus, my words are contagious, they don’t just stay with me, they go places with people. I heard someone respectfully decline that at the supermarket – someone I never met myself, but someone I know is a friend of a friend. And that was kinda cool.. :)

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7 thoughts on “Quirky Snoskred

  1. I used to have fun at University doing this. I’d start saying something silly, like “I can dig it!” and wait for it to come back to me. Very strange that as far as I can remember, it always did.

    I also make up words – as far as I know. Maybe, like my totally original recipes someone else has had the same idea. I disremember that is one of my favorites and never fails to make my friend Albert laugh.

  2. Hi Snoskred, this habit may not sound quirky by itself, but I think it is odd because I am not very fashion-aware. I don’t care about buying the latest styles, and if I like something, I’ll wear it to the point of it almost becoming a uniform. But the one fashion thing that bugs me is when someone’s size/washing instructions tag is flipped up so that it sticks out in the back of the neckline. If it’s someone I know well, I’ll just go push it back inside the blouse. If it’s a stranger, I’ll try not to look at it. I have no idea how/where/from whom I picked up this habit.

    On another note, thank you thank you for your link when you commented on my blog about how to link my current blog when I make a comment on someone else’s blog. I think I did it correctly, but I’ll find out when I sign off on this comment. I’ll be following your blog to learn more about blog security.

  3. @Zazzy – I make up words too. Fascinatory is one of mine.

    @LouiseH – Looks like it worked! I tuck in the tags of strangers as well as people I know, I just warn the strangers before I do it. :)

    @Square Peg Guy – I love Crapizoids, I popped over and left you a comment. :)

    @The Fearless Scribe – I do too! Every time we are coming up behind a car to overtake it, I hear Tom Cruise say in my head “I’m bringing him in closer Merlin” and there have been times I’ve said it out loud too.. we know that movie so well the other half knows Merlins line is “God, you’re WHAT?”

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