Looks like it does work.

So that is a yay!!

It has been a long time since I have blogged here but I am still reading the majority of the blogs I always did in my google reader – I don’t have the time I would like to comment but believe me I am still there keeping up with your goings on.

My goings on – not a great deal. I hibernated for the winter. The chooks got their large “free range” area (how can it be free range if they are locked in a pen lol) but it is a huge space and they really enjoy it out there. Well they did until we put the sand down – now they think we have done something bad to their space and are kinda freaking out about it. They’ll get used to it, like humans, chickens are not a fan of change.

Once a month or so we make a trip up to Sydney to visit Costco and Ikea and all the amazing food places I am always reading about on the food blogs. Wow there has been an explosion in that, hasn’t there!

I’ve planted some Zucchinis and lettuce and still have work to do on the rest of the garden – much weeding and removing of old plants.

That is when I planted them – here is how they look now – with added solar lights from Kmart –

They have baby zucchinis already! These are a yellow zucchini so look for the yellow thing with the zucchini flower attached. ;)

I’ll put up some pics now. :) So yeah, now it is as easy as typing the text in here and saving as a draft, and then using the iphone to upload my pics, probly you will hear from me more often. :)

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