Freshblogger guest post from me!

A few days ago Sephy pointed my attention to a post (Call for Guest Posters at Freshblogger) at Freshblogger, a blog which I am a huge fan of – the pretty to look at color scheme and title bar graphic in my favourite for the internet shade of green – as well as the content. I thought maybe I could write a semi-decent article about commenting challenges, and so I did, and it got published there today. It’s not a bad article even if I do say so myself. You can take a look here –

Challenging Yourself to Comment at Freshblogger

And of course if you would like to inspire people reading your blog to comment it might be worth linking to the article. Thanks to Ray from Freshblogger for putting my article up. :)

It’s been a pretty busy day here at Chalet Snoskred – and cold, too. We just got home from shopping and there’s a huge misty fog happening. I’m just going to cook dinner and then settle in to do some commenting and take some screenshots for a post I’m writing soon. My to do list right now is longer than you’d believe but I hope to get some commenting done today.

If you’re new to my blog, have a look around. I’m going for a “longest sidebar in the history of the blogging world” type of look, but a lot of the stuff there is somewhat relevant to me, some of my scambaiting, some of my previous posts with info about me, a lot of blogs I read, and some nice photos too.

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3 thoughts on “Freshblogger guest post from me!

  1. hey Snøskred – that was an awesome post at freshblogger :) I just submitted my blog to the Aussie blog community and hope it gets accepted..

    you have so many blogs and all done with such taste..:) I am amazed.. very nice work…

    did you get a chance to see my guest post at freshblogger?

    Im subscribing right after finishing with this comment ..

    you take care and keep in touch..

  2. Hiyo Snoskred! I wanted to thank you for your yummy potato mash variations and for dropping by.

    I’ve been going though your blog too and it’s enjoyable reading. You’ve introduced a lot of “fresh” ideas too which I will try out too … soon as I get a decent chunk of time away from the kids.


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