An a-ha secret..

Like any of us, the lead singer of a-ha Morten Harket can have an off day from time to time. If it happens to be a day when he is going to be singing live, this can turn into an absolute disaster – it happened at Live 8 when there were problems with the sound. He’s the kind of guy who really wants to get things right, and his distress when it doesn’t is always evident.

But when you release an album, you are sent on a seemingly endless round of tv shows to promote it. Many of these TV shows are not set up to actually cope with a live performance and they want you to *GASP* lip sync. For some performers this is not a bad thing. For Morten it seems to be pure torture. He can’t seem to look the crowd in the eye, it’s like he feels like he’s lying to them. He’s not really. The voice being played is his. He sang the song originally, and could easily sing it that day.

But those of us who are Morten fans know when he’s singing for real, and I’m going to now share with you the secret of why.


Looks like a nice photo, right? Well, the zoom in is what is important.


If these little earpieces are not in the ears, it isn’t him singing. And you’ll see him adjust them while he’s singing, so you can’t really miss the fact that they are there.

When Morten has a good day, he really has a fantastic day.

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