just when you think you’re out..

I finished The West Wing series 5 a week or two ago now and I’d bought Season One of Desperate Housewives, because I liked the one episode I saw. I’d watched three episodes so far but I hadn’t really got into it – to the point I was stopping it halfway through an episode once I’d finished eating.

The other half had a product evening tonight. He dropped by for lunch around one and when he went back to work, I found myself wondering what to do with the rest of my day. I’ve been pretty tired lately and didn’t get much sleep last night thanks to pouring rain that kept waking me up, so I thought a nap would be a great idea.

On the way to having a nap, I passed the living room and thought, why don’t I just watch one episode of Desperate Housewives…

I met the other half at the door when he finally got home at 8:30 with the remainder of the DVD box set and told him he must take it away from me and go and hide it because I could not stop. I’d somehow watched 9 episodes and there was a *need* somewhere in me to keep going.

That show is like pure evil! Every episode ends with you wanting to know what happens next.

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