Had a terrible sleep, due to nightmares of trucks rolling down cliffs. I believe I managed 4 hours in total. Then a long day of driving, in terrible weather, rain, low visibility.. and NO decent music because our little mp3 in the cigarette lighter thing would not work in the truck.. I’m so spoilt having that thing, and so used to it that 8 hours listening to the radio makes me want to dead people.

Not many photos were taken, not many stops were made, weather too bad. I now go to bed and sleep at least 12 hours. Be good ya’all, I’ll be back with the few pictures I did manage when I get up.. ;)

If you’re looking for something to read, have a look here – I posted it yesterday. And something is wrong with blogger, I could not make the link link. :( If that makes sense. GRRR

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  1. Q: There were three men in a boat with 4 cigarettes and no matches. How did they manage to smoke?

    A: They threw one cigarette overboard and made the boat a cigarette lighter!

    [I’ve been lazy recently aboot checking fer new linkers, so I apologize fer any delay in Ye Olde Linkback — oh, and howdy-doo!…]

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