I’m not really feeling the most inspired today. We went shopping, cleaned out the fridge – a job that makes me quite antagonistic and snarky, and soon I’m going to go watch a dvd with the other half. It’s my pick today, I pick out 5 movies I’d like to see from the shelf, and then he chooses one for us to watch.

Tomorrow I am going to have a major blog commenting day, the other half will be at work so I’m setting myself a target of 100 blogs to say something on, and that’s actually type something, too. I usually comment on as many as I can but I ignore the livejournals as I don’t have a login and it won’t let you comment, and I also steer well clear of myspace.

I have the new Rockstar:Supernova CD, I really like it.

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One thought on “Uninspired

  1. That’s a cool pic, but the typing certainly left something to be desired…I only hope that the actual article in the paper had someone proofread it first.

    Of course, maybe the show was known as Rcok Star in Melb and they use phonees, only to be hreaded off for NZ. ;)

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