As I type this..

I am actually scambaiting just over 2,400 scammers. But how do I find the time to bait so many of them at once? It’s because one of my scambaiting friends has produced something which allows you to bait lads with just 3 clicks. I can’t really say much about it out here in the open. It’s got some telephone numbers hooked up as a part of it and I have forwarded a couple of them to my phone.

Some lads rang me yesterday because the something had sent them a mail telling them another scammer wanted me to pay money to them via Western Union and they wanted to stop me from paying (so they could take my money!) and they were quite determined to stick to their rules and regulations – they wanted me to send ID before they would allow me to fly to Spain to collect my trunk boxes. I wanted to fly to Spain this weekend and I didn’t really have time to be scanning and faxing so we got into quite an argument about it. So today I sent them this little mail.

You remember that other guy I told you about? He got back to me, he seemed to know of my troubles with your security company man, and he got the owner of the company to call me. I’m going there on Saturday like I wanted to, I don’t have to send any ID, and I can pick up the consignment. It’s all under control.

See what happens when you speak to the owner instead of faffing about with assholes?

I suspect this will send them into quite a panic. I am expecting a call soon.. ;) I couldn’t really yell at the guy because it was about 2am my time when they called me so I hope they call a little earlier today and then I can really get mad.. ;)

In other Snoskred news, I went to the local sports club for a drink tonight with the other half and friends, and they had an Australian Poker League tournament on. I like poker but I didn’t like the fact this seemed to encourage every young man under the age of 30 to turn up at the club. It was really busy and I couldn’t get near the good pokie machine that always gives me money. ;( While we were there the other half announced to my Dad that we have a pool table. I expect they will wander down soon to look at it.

And, I made a cake. Yay!

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