A Small Whoops

Coconut icecream suddenly appeared on the shelf at Aldi. Seems nice, said I, at the end of our shopping trip. I assumed healthiness, like Kramer assumed that his tupperware would be returned.. That was one heck of a mistake on my part.

I normally check the labels before I buy anything, but it was late, the store was about to close, and really how bad could it be?

It could be REALLY REALLY bad.

In a 500g container of icecream, these folks packed in just over 125g of sugar.

AKA 30 teaspoons. AKA Half a cup.

So when I finally went to eat it, I looked at the container and was horrified. That is insanity. I’ve made coconut icecream before in my own icecream maker and I added 0 sugar. Absolutely none. It does not need it. I do not need to eat this icecream. I will just make my own instead. ;)

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6 thoughts on “A Small Whoops

  1. It’s truly unbelievable how much sugar manufacturers can pack into such a small container! But that’s why it tastes so good (most of the time). I wouldn’t eat it either these days.

  2. I would be wary of any coconut product, except perhaps the water from a freshly cut coconut. We have a little coconut milk in some curries but not often. That is a horrific amount of sugar. I also question that one serve is 18% of your daily allowance. If your daily allowance is how much sugar are people eating? That is over 80g of sugar a day!

  3. 30 teaspoons of sugar is half a cup? How small are your teaspoons? Hang on a sec…okay, I just measured with my measuring cups and spoons and my half cup measure holds 16 teaspoons of sugar. Still far too much in 500 grams of icecream though.

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