Can you do me a favour, WordPress bloggers?

Can you check your spam bin and see if I have landed in there? My comments do not seem to be appearing anymore when I leave them. :(

Let me know if you find me in there, and I will then have to get in touch with the powers that be, to get it fixed.

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5 thoughts on “Can you do me a favour, WordPress bloggers?

  1. I’ve had to fish your comments out of my spam file a few times now. Wasn’t sure what’s going on or why it’s been happening. Hope WP can get it fixed!

    • I’ve emailed Akismet who run the spam bin to let them know this is happening – sadly it is not the first time. It is so annoying!

      I comment a lot and used to do commenting challenges where I would try to visit every blog participating in NaBloPoMo – while I found a lot of truly awesome blogs via that challenge, sometimes people would put me in the spam bin when I did not deserve to be there. Spam is for actual spam, like people trying to sell things. ;)

      Luckily this is a problem that can be solved fairly easily especially when Akismet look at my comments, it is easy to see they are not spam, but it might take a while and there are people who never check their spam bins so those comments might be lost for good. :/

      Thanks for confirming this, at least now I know what is going on. :)

  2. Thanks for checking Cathy, I will try to fix this ASAP. ;)

    Funny because when I check my spam bin, I see some pretty regular spam and then sometimes very weird stuff. There is something so bizarre in there right now, it deserves a Friday post of its own! :)

  3. I get a few comments landing in my spam folder from various people, I just click the check box, click ‘not spam’ and it pops back into the comments folder, but I don’t think they then suddenly appear on the blog. I check once a week or so to delete the true spam.

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