National De-Lurk Day


Are you a lurker?

By lurker I mean – do you read here at Snoskred – Life In The Country – and yet you have never once left a comment here?

Today is your day, my lurker people.

Walk, run, aqua-jog, interpretative dance yourselves out of that lurking cave.. Click through and leave a comment when you arrive in the sunlight of my blog comments section. It need only be the word hi. Alternatively, you can sing the song of your people or at least type out the lyrics, or give me your favourite quote or line from a teevee show.. say anything!

If you have a blog, I would like to be reading it, so please leave me a link to your place.

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9 thoughts on “National De-Lurk Day

  1. I’ve just come over from GOMI (your site address at the bottom of one of your posts and not a post about you!) and I’m late to delurking day anyway but I’m outing myself from the outset. As a former Wollongong resident I love seeing your pictures of familiar places around the South Coast. My blog is a sewing blog so don’t feel obliged to come over if you’re not that interested in fabric and stitching, I won’t be offended!

  2. I unlurked quite recently but didn’t realise this was a term used for non-participants. I really like the word ‘lurking’ and am a bit disappointed that it’s been hijacked to describe browsers!
    I don’t have a blog but since reading Life in the Country and your tips and info on blogging I’m thinking about starting one

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