6 thoughts on “A Sparkly Spider

    • I love a brooch of any kind. I recently read Read My Pins: Stories from a Diplomat’s Jewel Box by Madeleine Albright and she has amassed quite a collection and often used them to send a specific message during her time as Secretary of State. I really love that. When I pick a brooch there is not usually any message behind it other than SPARKLY. ;)

    • Rather sadly I do not yet own the spider. The little shop where it was had not opened when I was there, and even though I returned later it still did not open that day. I am thinking I will look to see if I can get it online. :)

    • I grew up in the Adelaide Hills where large huntsmen spider were the normal. The one good thing about them, they like to be up high so if you do a sweep of he ceiling with your eyes and do not see one that is good news. The bad news was, I had a wood ceiling with large knots where these spiders could easily camouflage themselves. Many a night was spent alternatively scanning that ceiling and trying to memorise it. ;)

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