Orchid Job Scam

Here is yet another scam job email. It should be noted that these posts help thousands of people each week who arrive here on the blog after searching the web for email addresses, phone numbers, or text from these emails.

I know these posts are terribly boring for regular readers here but I hope you won’t mind – it is for a great cause.

As one of the most prospective international distributing companies, Orchid delivers different kinds of sale, shipping and logistic service to private persons as well as to companies all over the world. Today we are glad to announce part-time and full-time positions in Orchid. If you are willing to join our friendly and creative team in Australia please do not hesitate to apply.

Attention please!

We can accept applications from Australian citizens or from the candidates with valid work permit only!

Your future tasks:

– communication with our customers in the USA as well as East European and Asian countries;

– maintenance of the orders and purchase data;

– distribution and sales support.

Your salary:

1. 4300$ per month if you work on a full-time basis.

2. Up to 7800$ monthly if you prefer the part-time option.

Your salary can be completed with some bonuses according to the rules of our bonus system. You will have to withstand a payed test period prior to being chosen as a long-term employee.

Our expectations:

You have a computer (laptop) at your disposal with stable Internet access. We expect that you also have Microsoft Excel installed and you are able to work with it. Communicative skills and good writing are crucial for this position. It is a big plus if you are able to keep positive mood in most situations.

We are looking forward to receiving a reply from you if you are determined to start your career in a friendly team under the guidance of a strong leader.

Kind regards,

They are using the email address – acerogbgmurielpsj@outlook.com

Keep in mind the golden rule –


I may update this post with further emails when I receive them. :)

What Should People Do Now?

If you are in contact with this company, stop emailing them. If they will not stop emailing you, try sending them this – just copy and paste it from here –

I am now aware that this is not a legitimate job and that you are trying to scam me.
Do not email me anymore – I have reported your emails to the local police and I will send any further emails directly to them. Do not mail me anything – I will not accept any deliveries that you send to me.

Leave me alone!

Be aware they may pass your email address onto other scammers, so you may see other scams coming to you via your inbox. There are so many different and varied scams, there is no way I can warn you about all the possibilities.

Just remember that golden rule above, and hit delete. If you think something might be legit, you can forward it on to me at snoskred {at} gmail {dot} com and I will check into it for you. If you receive too many scams, it might be worth changing your email account.

What If I Receive A Fake Check?


Please contact me in the event that this occurs, and I will advise you further. If possible I will ask you to send me a photo of the check so I can try and warn the company or people named on it, and I will contact the bank involved as well.

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