Will You Be Scammed With An Online Job Offer?

I’ve already made 5 million online this year, so I’m not looking for any jobs online. If you are looking for work online, you need to read my guest post over at I’ve Tried That so you can avoid the scams.

Snoskred on Fake Check Scams and Scambaiting

Don’t forget to pass the message on to your friends and family. You won’t forgive yourself if they get scammed and you had the knowledge to stop it from happening.

Let your friends and family know about the Scam-O-Matic – a web form which can look at an email and tell you if the email looks like a known scam. Is this email a scam? Ask the Scam-O-Matic.

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5 thoughts on “Will You Be Scammed With An Online Job Offer?

  1. Stopping by for Click & Comment Monday.

    How did you add the information to Leave your comment? I thought we could not edit the comment page because it belonged to Google.

    Stop by and let me know.

  2. I got a somewhat unusual offer via email the other day; it included a toll-free US phone number. So I called the number – doesn’t cost *me* anything – and listened to a recorded message about earning all kinds of money. I realize it’s a waste of time, but I wonder if it’s also a scam… if you’re interested I’ll forward the email to you.

  3. Cybercelt – yeah I have days like that too.. :) hehe the comment thing is cool, I like it.

    Laurie – Thanks for sending it to them, it’s really important. A friend of mine had family members scammed and he had the info to make sure it didn’t happen, he kicked himself for ages. ;(

    Radioactive Jam – I have a guy with something like that who keeps emailing me.. Yeah they are all scams. Forward it over, let me take a look. ;)

    Thanks for the comments all! :)

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