I just say no to Halloween. It is Un-Australian.


The supermarkets will not miss an opportunity to sell us crap we don’t need, especially sugary crap. PS Coles the fact that you have to tell us which day Halloween is on, perhaps this gives you a clue? ;)


I find trick or treating deeply annoying, as well! Join me and just say NO to Halloween in Australia.

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6 thoughts on “I DECLINE THIS, KTHX.

  1. I will have to grab a picture of this if I am in Walmart before soon…but they also do put the date up on the signs.

    As a matter of fact, it’s almost as if Coles stole these signs from Walmart! It’s very similar…

  2. Here in the UK we used to simply celebrate Halloween with family parties, games like apple bobbing and sticky toffee apples, now it’s all out American, Trick or Treating door to door, new fancy dress outfits and shops looking like your photos. I decline this too :-(

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