Please Explain, Coles?

Spotted this in the Coles catalog. Aussie caught, but peeled, graded and packed in Vietnam?

My Mother objects to going a mere 7km from home for dinner – do we have to go ALL THAT WAY she says.

I must say, I quite object to having prawns go ALL THIS WAY to be peeled, graded and packed, and then ALL THAT WAY back here, and they are still $34 a kilo?

This is almost an 8000km round trip, if one were flying.

I really do not like – or understand – what is happening with food in this country. Fake honey, prawns caught here but taken to another country quite some distance away to be peeled and sorted, frozen fruits from far away countries making people ill, and 17.5 grams of sugar in a tiny pot of yoghurt. Sometimes I think we really have gone very wrong somewhere.

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5 thoughts on “Please Explain, Coles?

  1. What an absurdity. There was a similar story about English grown apples travelling some ridiculous distance overseas for washing and packing before returning to England to be sold.

  2. My husband and I frequently talk about how the yogurt we saw in Australia had less sugar than most of the yogurt for sale in the US! It’s pretty out of control how much sugar is added to virtually everything. I eat the same basic things over and over again because I know they don’t have added sugar and I don’t have to spend an hour at the store reading every single label!

  3. You had me rushing to check the sugar in my tiny 200g pot of yoghurt, it’s 9.6, so 4.8 per 100g serving.
    I think it’s horrendous that so much of our food is processed in other countries, we catch it here, we grow it here, why can’t we process it here? Because “they” can do it so much cheaper “over there”. And that brings a nice profit for management and shareholders who don’t care one whit about workers in Australia being out of jobs, or the fact that “our” food may get contaminated somewhere along the way.

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