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Wills and Kate have a new daughter! YAY! My two favourite Kate-watching sites have excellent posts up about this.

The Cambridges Present Their Princess to the World!

William in Blue and Kate in Buttercup Yellow to Take Home HRH, Princess of Cambridge

Many more pics on the Daily Mail story – including many pics of a somewhat baffled George when Wills brought him along to meet his new sister, perfectly color coordinated with each other in navy blue. I love how Kate has made blue one of the signature colours of their family.

The new daughter is unnamed as yet. My guess for the name is Charlotte, but it may be a few days before it is announced. The family has already departed the hospital for home..

In Other News –

Here on the blog, tomorrow we start a new blog series. You will see two posts – the first telling you a little about the series and the second will contain the first post in the series.

On Wednesday you will see a couple of photos and videos from my candle burning area.

Also later this week I have a couple of how-to posts planned. One is for those on Blogger which will tell you how to add a subscribe to comments tick box, and the other is for WordPress which will tell you how to add a follow button to a self hosted wordpress site – and I might add in how to do it for a regular site as well, though that is a lot simpler.

Happy moments all round!

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12 thoughts on “In case you missed it

  1. I’ve already had a mini-argument on FB about how the baby’s name is NOT Catherine; that’s Kate’s name. I’ve also explained that Kate is a Duchess(for now) and the baby will be a princess. The person still insists that the baby’s name is Catherine. *sigh* I’m very much hoping for Charlotte, and NOT Alice,which has top odds. I never plan for blog posts; they just happen. You are amazingly organized!!

    • I suppose it might be easy to assume the name is Catherine when it does not have a name at all, as yet. :) This is one reason I steer clear of the facebook other than to play a few games – I am loving Solitaire Live at the moment, where you play Solitaire against other people. Super fun!

      I like to try and write a couple of weeks ahead if I can, it just makes things easier if I need to take a break from writing for a bit, or I get writers block. :)

  2. I agree with Margaret; I love the name Charlotte! It just fits. Also? She looks so much like GEORGE! (Who looks a lot like Wills!) Strong genes. One of my favorite sites (that follows fashion and royals-watching in the snarkiest manner) is I highly recommend it for their wit and, well, snark. (It’s well-written snark). I am no fashionista, but this site is very entertaining!

    • I love Go Fug Yourself, I love how much they love Kate as well. Almost as much as I love her, which is an awful lot. :) The new daughter certainly has inherited the amazing cheeks that George has.

      I saw the footage of Wills bringing George and the two of them were so cute together. I bet he is so excited about his new sister!

  3. I heard on the radio this morning Kate had the baby and went home just ten hours after!
    Maybe the child will get both names; Charlotte Alice, or Alice Charlotte.

    • It is pretty amazing that she went home the same day – I think a big part of the decision would have been that the two of them are super considerate of other people and they know what a huge amount of noise and fuss were caused by the media outside the hospital there.

      I was really glad they clamped down on the media frenzy and only allowed them in very specific places and only once they’d officially announced she was in labour. Plus they put in some new corridor arrangements to make sure patients, doctors and nurses could get to where they needed to go rather than having to try and wade through the media.

      I do have a feeling it might be Charlotte Diana, which would be lovely. :)

  4. I’m looking forward to your WordPress tips next week. As for Kate, William, George and As Yet Unnamed, I wish them happiness and some privacy and peace while they get acquainted.

    • Blissinger, it seems like they will be having some privacy down at Anmer Hall, how lovely it looks there too! ;)

      I can’t wait for the family photo they will release, that one where George was looking at Lupo the dog was gorgeous. :)

    • I am a huge Kate fan, and of course everyone has a place in their heart for Wills and Harry.

      I saw pics yesterday of Harry with a dog in uniform while he was here, that photo had everything it needed to be perfection.. Harry, and a cute dog! ;)

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