I Think You Meant..


Furniture. That is the word you were looking for.

Though I see you found it for the group description!


Marijuana. That is the word you are looking for..

That facebooker might be shocked to know that Coles also sell ice.


Plus, Woolworths stocks these items as well!
What is the world coming to? OH THE HUMANITY! :)

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13 thoughts on “I Think You Meant..

    • Sadly with the world the way it is now, I am pretty sure it was for real. I know people in retail who deal with such idiotic complaints that it truly baffles me.

  1. This is what happens when people can’t spell.
    Also clearly she’s never seen any marijuana, it looks nothing like Marjoram (aka golden oregano)

  2. Absolutely this is what happens when people can’t spell.. it deeply worries me! It starts out with little things like lose vs loose, and ends with people misinterpreting this kind of stuff!

    Thanks everyone for your comments – I do hope you giggled like a pig too! ;)

    • With the state of the world today I really can’t be sure if it is, it was posted on a local community group I am a member of.

      I’ve had callers like that on the phone, totally convinced of X, when the case is really Y. :)

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