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I’ve been a member of PINCHme since RedPawPaw imploded back in August. PINCHme is a free sample service you can sign up for. They release samples a couple of times a month and if you are quick you can grab one. Sometimes they also have a survey which you take to see if you qualify for a sample. Here’s what I have received so far –


On average, I have been in time to get one free sample each month thus far, though I have scored two in December. Sometimes the samples are quite large – for example they sent me 3x Fairy dishwasher tablets. I really liked those and have bought them since. We usually use Finish powder and we still do, but if I run one of those tablets through once a week the dishwasher is – no joke – SQUEAKY clean. It literally squeaks. I’ve heard it! ;)


I took these Pantene samples with me to Canberra recently. I have used Pantene before and I would certainly buy it again. At the moment I am using Herbal Essences from Costco which is in a 1.2 litre bottle, but from time to time I like to switch it up and I think you get a better result if you do that..


The Bath and Body Works thingy there is to give those reading from the US an idea of the size, knowing that they might not be familiar with the size of Aussie coins. I did look for a quarter but I could not find one, sorry! ;) I know they are in this house somewhere..

I can’t wait to try this dry shampoo. I have never experienced it myself but when my Dad was in hospital in the USA they used dry shampoo which was already in a shower cap – they just put the cap on and then massaged it in. I have such fond memories of Cedel as a brand – my Grandma used their hair spray for years. Next time I am in a supermarket I am going to see if they have a regular shampoo as well, because I’d give that a try if they do.

You can join PINCHme – and give me some points for sending you their way – by clicking here – if you don’t want to give me points but still would like to join, you can visit the PINCHme website here.

Over to you –

Do you know anywhere else where I can sign up for free samples?

Have you sampled anything recently and did you like it?

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