Turning Upside Down

I’m on the 6pm to Midnight shift for the foreseeable future. By that I mean the next week and a bit.

While I am a bit of a vampire usually – preferring dark time to be my awake time rather than day time – I am finding this more difficult than I expected, and I don’t think it is something I could do long term at all.

The negatives are eating at very strange times, waking the other half up when he should be asleep, going to bed when it is light time outside and therefore all the animals – chooks, next doors dog, kitties – and also the humans are more active and noisy than if you are sleeping at night time, so it is harder to get a decent solid sleep.

Plus, you want to make a doctors appointment? Good luck being awake when they are there, lol!

You need to plan better in order not to wake up the other half – this means making sure everything is ready for my arrive home from gym shower, clothes to get into after that, night clothes are in a place where I don’t have to open a noisy drawer to get to them.. etc.

In fact for the first time since Sephy visited over a year ago, I used “my” bathroom for my after gym shower tonight instead of the ensuite.

There are some positives, most importantly being the gym being completely empty which I love, less traffic, the night shifts are much more challenging to my brain and tend to be moments of absolute insanity balanced out by enormous boredoms. Plus I get to work with people I like (this week shit bitch is on holidays YAY!) and in one case, people I deeply like. The pay is higher for the late shifts.

I’ve already been to the gym twice in 2013 and it is not daylight of day 2 yet, lol. :)

As a part of the year of me, I need to make work “work” for me. Which means I need to pick times I can work that suit me and my lifestyle. Two 6pm-midnight shifts a week would be ok-ish but it does kind of throw everything out, and I wouldnt want the next shift to start at mid-day because I generally don’t manage to sleep until 5-6am.. in fact I think I would have to cut out the mid-day shifts for the most part and stick with afternoons and evenings only.

The trouble is, I know there are other people who want to cut back on their evening shifts. So who knows if work is going to be a fan of the year of me. :)

I have already done a couple of “me” things mostly involving saying what I think, not what I think people want to hear. It felt good.

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