2013 : The Year Of Me

Here are some of my goals for this “year of me” I have declared. They are in two categories – goals I would like to achieve by the end of January, and goals I would like to achieve by the end of 2013 –

Goals for January 2013 –

– A visit to the doctor

– Blood tests to check thyroid function

– Gym every single work day for minimum 25 mins of cardio

– Add on one non work day to make 10 days at the gym in the fortnight

– Personal training session x1 to see if there is anything more I could be doing fitness wise

– Investigate laser hair removal (fed up with waxing!)

– sort out work (when I am available, when I am most definitely not)

– Pay off the credit card (I have enough in savings to do this right now but then that negates the point of savings, lol. It isn’t that much, less than $500)

That seems like a lot for one month, no? So what about the rest of the year?

– take no shit from anyone

– speak up when necessary

– weight loss goal of 20kg

– couch to 5k – make the 5k happen

– get some decent health insurance

– get sinus fixed (I suspect this will mean surgery)

– purge items which are no longer required in my life (got a lot of junk I can throw out/donate)

– save $4,000 (I could make it 5200 but I think some of the above is going to cut into this goal)

I may add to this list as time goes on – I think we’ll check in on it once a month looking at what has been achieved so far, and maybe each month set some monthly goals for that particular month. It is easier to break it down on a month by month basis.

Still very little movement on the scales. We’d be looking at 1.5kg loss for the last month, but I have lost that same 1.5 kg a couple of times now. This is why I think I need to get things checked out. It should not be this hard to lose the weight, I have never had any trouble in the past.

Ok yes I am older now than I ever have been before, but I know I am working very hard at the gym and watching what I eat and not seeing the results I think I should be seeing. In fact I did better the week where I did not watch what I ate at all, and also went to Outback Steakhouse for a high calorie food coma meal!

Anyway gotta run, if you are making a goals for 2013 post, link to it in my comments ;)

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  1. It sounds like you have a good plan for the new year. :) Much more organised than yours truly. I’m looking forward to seeing how you handle a year focused on you.

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