The Yogurt Moment

I have never tried yogurt before. I was a bit wary of it with the whole culture of good bacteria thing. It was a mental thing that I couldn’t seem to get over.

I read that chickens enjoy eating it, so I decided to buy a little tub of plain yogurt. Not just any cheap yogurt but locally made and very excellent yogurt according to a friend of mine who likes eating it. For chickens though, yoghurt has to be lactose free.

Into a newly recycled hommus container I placed a few spoonfuls of the yogurt and then I made the terrible mistake of licking the spoon. Wow, this stuff is tasty, thought I. Maybe I should give this stuff a go. Especially some of the stuff with fruit. But first, the chooks got their yogurt. It was hilarious to watch them eating it. So I thought I’d share. ;)




Yes, that is yogurt on their beaks!


There were times when all 4 of them were trying to eat out of the container at the same moment, which caused general clucking havoc and flapping of wings and freaking out. Unfortunately I didn’t get pics of that, I was too busy laughing!


That is the container once they were done. Note the beak marks!

I had to head out again a bit later and I picked up some yogurt with bits of real strawberry in it from Aldi. Love at first spoonful. I went back today and bought every other flavor they had, and will be trying them out over the next few days. I had citrus cheesecake tonight, it was *awesome*.

I also ended up at Bunnings today buying a bunch of seedlings to plant in the garden. They are all things chooks enjoy eating.

Early mornings because I can’t sleep in knowing the coop is poopy.

A yogurt addiction.


Who the heck am I and what did they do with Snoskred?

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