Easter Is CANCEL!

Since January, my every day breakfast has been Hot X Buns. I am not a good breakfaster, I will skip it unless I have something I enjoy eating handy and easy to make. I love a Hot X Bun, and I don’t mind making them myself but I love it when the other half makes them for me which he is happy to do while the coffee is being made..

After Easter was over, I went to Coles, Aldi, Woolworths and IGA looking for Hot X Buns. In every store, I saw people just like me, wandering aimlessly around looking for the buns and not finding them. I saw people sadly exploring the raisin toast option with disgruntled looks on their faces. I saw one woman considering English Muffins. I saw a man looking sadly at the crumpets, dreaming of what could have been.

I ended up at Bakers Delight, paying $13 for 12 hot x buns, knowing that I have had the buns from there before and not liked them very much and they don’t last very long either. I ate those, thinking Easter was over and these were the last Hot X Buns on the planet.

Then I went to the *second* Woolworths, because we have two, lucky us! And it was HAPPY DANCE because they had Hot X Buns there on the shelf. I thought this may have been an accident, or perhaps they had cooked too many and still had some left from Easter. I bought every packet I saw which at the time was sadly only 3. Would these be the last Hot X Buns for 2011?

Apparently not! I kept going back and they kept having them. I couldn’t believe my good luck. Could Easter last all year? Or was this a Woolworths going rogue, cooking buns when they were not supposed to because people wanted them and kept buying them? Or did the baker just like making them?

Whatever it was.. it seems that it is over for good now. *SOB* I have been back several times over the last week and they now have some kind of raisin bread where the buns used to be. And every time I go there, I see that I am not the only one mourning the loss of the buns.

Last night while sadly searching the shelves for buns, I found an enormous box of Croissants. I guess that will be the new Breakfast, at least until January next year. I am not kidding, this box was almost a metre long! It has 12 jumbo croissants in it.

I had one this morning. A hot x bun it is not. But it is a hot breakfast, and it meant I could go to work and do my 6 hour shift without keeling over from a lack of food and being tempted by the large range of chocolates and cookies on my Team Leaders desk. For fundraising, they are. Supposedly. When I have the Hot X Bun breakfast, I am able to withstand the temptation of Mint Aero bars and Caramello.

This time next week I will be welcoming my new Chicken friends to their new home. More on that as it comes to hand! The coop is nearly finished now, so they will have a lovely new home. I am a little sad for them, that they won’t be getting hot X bun treats like Frogdancer’s chickens got on Easter Sunday. I don’t think they will like a croissant..

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