And so it rained.

And the chickens said, bloody good thing this rain, because the ground in here was getting so hard to scratch lately. See all those marks in the ground?


Those are chicken scratch marks! Bugs live under things on the ground and the girls know they can sometimes dig them out – when I tipped out the water and flipped over this container the chickens went WILD. And there was a lovely colony of slugs on the bottom of the container which was cause for much trumpeting and bagerking!


The kitties were unwilling to leave the dry ground to gain wet paws. Sorry for the blurry pic!

This was the second ever time Happy has experienced rain. She does not understand the concept of it. The first time was so hilarious, I wish I had filmed it so I could share it with you.


The girls got busy laying up a storm.


When actually raining the girls will either be inside the coop and run, or directly underneath it. This was a huge unexpected bonus of our coop and run design.

Initially the girls were going to be inside the coop and run most of the time due to our drainage problem here, which is why we designed things to be so high up off the ground.

In summer, under the coop and run is the coolest place to dirt-bathe. In winter, it is mostly dry even when it rains, so they can still dirt bathe. Chickens *love* to dirt bathe.

In the mood to read more about chickens? Frogdancer recently got a new coop for her girls. And more here – Yesterday was a full on chicken day.

You want to actually watch chickens live on the web? Then you should visit Hencam. Not only are there chickens, but there is a bunny *and* sometimes bonus goats in the background. If it is night time when you visit the cams, bookmark the link for later and have a read of the Hencam blog. :)

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