The next door neighbours dog has been barking solidly for three hours. Over the last few weeks this dog has started to become an issue, barking more and more, and often just at nothing but the sky for no apparent reason.

What does one do when the dog won’t stop barking? These people must be totally drugged out not to hear it and be out there yelling at the thing. The other half seems to be managing to sleep through it even though the sound of the airconditioner does not cover for the barking at all. I do not know how he’s doing that. When that dog starts up, unless I’m already away with the fairies, there will be no sleep for me. It’s times like those you pray for a *loud* airconditioner because at least that blocks out the noise.

When we were out yesterday there were many city people around and it was hilarious yet scary at the same time. I can’t believe it’s only a year ago that I was a city person myself.

I saw some people with Cocker Spaniel dogs, have you ever known anyone to be bitten by one of those? I haven’t but I guess it can happen with all kinds of dogs.

I’ve played a little of this entropia universe now, it’s kind of fun but I’m not as into it as the other half is.. ;)

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One thought on “Grr

  1. I can’t imagine anyone bitten by a Cocker Spaniel… all the ones I have known have been sweet, loving piddle factories :)

    (though I am sure a cocker spaniel has attacked someone before… all dogs have their breaking point I guess)

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