Only one thing spoiled it.

My wonderful lunch today, which is pictured in the below post. Yes, those noisy kids from across the road. *sigh*

Actually my day started off not brilliantly to begin with. At just after 9am (I went to bed after 3am) the lawnmower man started up his lawnmower right outside my window. I thought right, there’s no point trying to go back to sleep here, so I got up and stumbled out to the computer, where I found unpleasantness I don’t even want to speak about. Someone showing their ass, yet again. And to be honest, they don’t have that great an ass. I mean, I wouldn’t mind if it looked like a male model or something. And the lawnmower man wasn’t the cute buff one but the older string beany type one, so there wasn’t an ass around to make up for the terrible ass I had to look at.

So then I stumble back to bed, wanting to get some more sleep, but none arrived. And the alarm my other half set without telling me went off, so I figured I might as well get up.

Then, as I am sitting here, I can hear those noisy kids. They’re outside running around screaming and shouting. Sure, it’s great exercise, but there is a *park* not very far away and I’d prefer they take it there where it’s not in my face. Then I sit down with my excellent lunch to watch episode one of season 3 of the west wing, and it’s noticeable, I can hear it above the noise of the surround sound system. I turn the volume up. I can still hear it.

Then I venture to the front door to notice that they have actually moved over to MY lawn to play on. Hello? Do I live here? Then they start to play cricket on my driveway. I try the Metallica trick. *IT DOES NOT WORK*. I think because their parents were not at home to drag them to their bibles. AND WHAT KIND OF PARENTS ARE LEAVING KIDS OF THIS AGE AT HOME ALONE? We’re talking all under the age of 7. Cricket balls are bouncing off fences randomly making a hell of a racket. I need peace!

Not only that, these kids clearly not having any intelligence, they decide to play cricket *across* the road. AND NO PARENT TO STOP THEM!

So I’m in a pretty bad mood today, despite my wonderful lunch. They went on all afternoon. Please, end the school holidays early. I can’t take anymore!

So someone tell me, what am I supposed to do about this?

1. Confront the across the road neighbours about their noisy kids. Hmm, not likely to end well.
2. Call the police each time they are being noisy. Hmm, waste of police resources.
3. Start looking for somewhere else to live, somewhere peaceful, quiet, out in the country.
4. Put a note in their letterbox asking them to please have more consideration for the people who live nearby and not allow their children to run amok like wild animals, and also point out they may get run over if they are not more careful of that road. Suggest they use the park, a safe place to play, instead.
Any other options?

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