I got some email..

A scammer I am baiting sent me some photos. I’ve posted them on the scambaiter blog. You can see them here but be warned, he’s in his underwear.

Speaking of half naked, when we went down to Pebbly Beach there was this chick kneeling down on the ground taking photos of the birds landing on her relatives, showing us enough of her crack that I felt like I could see what she had for breakfast. I am serious! It was a very inappropriate amount of crack to be showing. Inches and inches of crack!

My uncle says to me.. Don’t forget to post that letter… and it took me a minute or two to get what he meant, and then I could not stop laughing. And he kept going, he was saying to my parents “Have you got any letters you need posted?”

I am tempted to get a supply of small coins this summer, and anytime I see a crack I should put a coin in it, see if I can do it without the crack-shower noticing.. ;)

I’m a bit busy today so in the meantime here’s a pic of a lady (not the crack shower) being attacked by birds at Pebbly Beach..


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5 thoughts on “I got some email..

  1. Thanks for checking out my blog – I learn something everyday. I had no idea there were scam baiters out there. I love the photos. I am definitely going to pass this along to my brother, he would be interested as well.

  2. Thanks for the blog comment. I haven’t checked out the scam baiters yet (I’m at work) but I will.

    I think you should do the coin in the crack thing. I think we should all do this. Great idea!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog!! You are hilarious!! And I’m VERY afraid for this lady who is being attacked by the birds! But that’s because I have a certain fear of birds!! It’s one of those things that I don’t hope to get over and that I’m completely comfortable with!

  4. Ha! That’s great. Any amount of crack is bad. No-one needs to see that. Oh, and five cent pieces work a treat for the old crack money box ;)

    And as for that Spanish guy, WTF? Why would you send someone photos of yourself in white Y-fronts? Euww! The deoderant thing is even weirder. Just goes to show scammers are both mean and stupid.

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