Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy Tin


I bought myself this gorgeous tin full of fragranced hand creams a while back and I have not posted about it. How remiss of me! ;) The reason I am mentioning it now is because I found the musical Christmas tin with 12 hand therapy creams is presently on sale for $55.30.

I have been using this hand cream for several months now and it is far and away the best hand cream I have ever used. I think it is a decent deal at that price tag, especially when you get a keepsake tin as well and 5 tubes of 25g would normally cost you around $50, here you are getting 12 tubes for just $5 more. I’m not so sure on the musical tin thing. But they have some other good specials as well, including 25g of various flavoured hand creams for just $7.

My keepsake tin with a rainbow floral and fruit theme on the outside measures 27cm by 37cm. Open it up, and the rainbow theme continues.


Let us take a closer look at the scented hand creams contained inside.


In this row we have – Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed – Tarocco Orange, Eucalyptus & Sage – Somerset Meadow – Citron Honey & Coriander – my favourite scent on this row is the Citron Honey & Coriander.


In this row we have – Lily – Avocado, Olive and Basil – La Source – Himalayan Blue – with Avocado, Olive and Basil being my favourite scent on this row.


Finally – Lavender – Iris – Evelyn Rose – Rosewater – with Lavender being my favourite here.

About the hand cream –

They are not kidding when they say ultra moisturising. For me that is a good thing because I wash my hands more often than a human should. Also, a tiny little dab of this cream goes a long way. I usually use a dab about half the size of a 5 cent coin. It absorbs into the skin super fast and does not leave a sticky residue. It feels quite silky and it stays feeling silky for longer than you would expect.

The scent is intense when first applied – for example the lavender smells like you just took dried lavender and smooshed it with your palms. What I really enjoy about it is that the scent changes over time and you get different hits from the various notes. When you open the tube and smell it, the scent you first smell is not necessarily the scent you will get once you apply the cream.

Some of the scents I am not a huge fan of, though none of them are unbearable to me. My least favourite is the Pomegranate, Argan & Grapeseed. There’s a note in there I don’t like. If you have a Crabtree and Evelyn store near you I would strongly recommend you drop in and try the creams to find which scent is your favourite before purchasing.

If you are willing to take a gamble and risk having a tube or few you don’t love the scent of, the tin of different scents is good. My experience has been you really need to trial each fragrance separately. Id suggest choosing one tube each day for 12 days and apply it 2-3 times across the day.

I bought mine online without having tried it and the only hand cream I have ever used that I like as much as than this one is the Hemp Hand Protector from The Body Shop. However the Hemp cream tends to be a little sticky and takes longer to absorb, and if I use that then I can’t type or touch things for at least 5 minutes, so I mostly save that cream for bedtime.

These little tubes are perfect for me while working at the computer and I’ll even use up the scents I don’t like as much just because the cream is so good. Because there are so many different scents, I like to mix it up and not use the same one each day. And though I have been using these regularly for some months now, these tubes show no signs of my using them. It is almost like a magic trick.

You can find a slightly different version of my gorgeous rainbow tin here –
Crabtree and Evelyn Hand Therapy Tin.

I should mention that I also purchased some biscuits which were amazeballs but I bought them for The Other Half so I only got to eat one. They were not cheap, nor did they taste it. He loves a shortbread and they had an orange one.

I purchased my own products and I am reviewing this product here because I love it. If ever I do a review where the products are supplied to me, I hope you all know I would disclose that very clearly at the top of the post, plus whatever I say will always be my own thoughts and opinions. :)

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Aromatherapy Oils Online

No, nobody is paying me – I paid them! But, I do have to tell you about this website because if you are in Australia and you like your aromatherapy, this website will literally save you shedloads of money. How would you like 100mls of essential oils for less than you usually pay for 12-18mls of essential oils? I like it plenty, I can tell you.
100ml May Chang (sort of like lemongrass) $9.00
100ml Peppermint $10
100ml Sweet Orange $5.50
100ml Mandarin $ 8.00
100ml Pink Grapefruit $9.00
100ml Cedarwood $7.00
100ml Lemon $9.00
100ml Lime $9.50
100ml Spearmint $9.00
100ml Tangerine $7.00

Many of the above flavors I bought because I still had small amounts left of the old oils I bought in those flavors – I wanted to be able to compare them with the “more expensive” oils. I honestly cannot smell any difference at all. Maybe my sinus is faulty and maybe you would smell a difference, I don’t know – all I can say is give it a try, at these prices who can complain!
I also bought 7x15ml “fragrant” oils – these all turned out to be 18mls instead. These cost me a mere $2 each. And this is the first time I have ever found some of these flavors.. chocolate! watermelon! :)

So if you are wanting to buy oils online, you might want to give this place Escentials Of Australia a try and see what you think. I will be ordering more – and next time some of the more expensive oils which I took out of this order – originally I had over $230 worth of oils in my basket, but I was soon told off by the other half.. ;)
In the end I spent $97, and shipping was about $14 – I opted for registered Australia Post, otherwise my postie tends to dump it on the doorstep and vanish. That is so reasonable. I ordered it on Thursday and it arrived today with Easter in between. ;)
I also did some book ordering, but that is another story for another day.

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Cereal Confessions..

This is NOT a sponsored post, but I feel the need to share the following information with you. It is possible that you may hate cereal as much as I always had until I tried this new cereal from Weight Watchers. Please note, I know nothing about Weight Watchers or their points system. I hated cereal all my life, I was never a breakfast person. I have only recently started eating it because it is supposed to be more healthy and I could do with a bit more fibre in my diet.


I have been so surprised by this cereal. There is something so wrong about it. This cereal should be everything I hate. When I saw it on the shelf I thought yuck, I’m going to hate eating that. There were other cereals there, ones with lots of sugar and general badness. Even one with chocolate chips! But I chose the Weight Watchers fruit and fibre cereal even though I knew I probably wouldn’t like it based on the fibre content. I thought – it’s only one bowl a day, I can survive it. However, it’s brilliant, so I’m sharing cos that’s the kind of blogger I am.


Normally on cereal I need at least one spoonful of sugar to make it palatable. This WW cereal, I don’t need to add anything except milk. The fruit that is in it makes it sweeter than normal cereals I’ve eaten. The first day I ate it, I did add sugar as I usually do and it made it way too sweet.


All I can say is, they must have some absolute geniuses over at Weight Watchers if they can take a cereal which contains everything I should hate and turn it into something I absolutely love, that I look forward to eating in the morning – and have even eaten a couple of times INSTEAD of a bowl of potato chips while watching tv in the evenings. I’m not lying, truly! If you’re in Australia you should give this cereal a go. ;)

The fruit is soooo nice. I love it. I’m not a fan of dried fruit usually but when you add the milk to it I find it softens nicely. They say it contains 34% fruit. You can’t get a spoonful of this cereal without at least one piece of fruit on it so I believe they are right.

I needed my cereal this morning, because we spent all day moving stuff. I’m completely exhausted and only here to post this before I shower and collapse into bed. We did manage to get the pool table upstairs, so that was fantastic. I met a neighbour and their dog before we’d finished unpacking the first ute load. People are very friendly there. I’m looking forward to that. ;)

I also found out they have Tai Chi within a very short walk, so I might be signing up for that. ;) Half the art/dining box room is now empty, we got a lot done today and now we can take it easy for the rest of the week. I have packed the entire kitchen, only leaving out a few bowls for cereal eating. ;)

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Spring Cleaning & Retail Therapy With Photos!

Looking through my Google Reader, I see a few blogs I’m not feeling a connection with anymore. Yes, it’s time to clear out the reader. I’ll be working on this over the next week. It feels like a harsh thing to do. I don’t enjoy doing it however I am reading a lot of blogs now and I have a few projects I want to focus on so I will have a little less time for reading. I won’t be deleting anyone who’s linked to me, just so you know. ;)


Today we went shopping. I had a voucher for Dusk. I find either you love Dusk or you hate it. I love it. They make these great tea light candles which actually throw their scent around so it’s not like burning a candle just for the sake of burning it. I was going to buy several packets of 6, then I spotted they had a bulk bag of 50 scented tealights for just under $25. These will last me ages. w00t!


I also wanted to check out their essential oils and was surprised that they didn’t have very many of them but they DID have lemongrass which is the one I wanted. Yay! And the bottle is beautiful, that cobalt blue color.


Aussies and US people alike, keep an eye out for this Lander product. I got it at Woolworths a couple of weeks ago and I’m crazy about it. I used to use Palmers Cocoa Butter but it doesn’t absorb into the skin very well and tends to leave a residue on your keyboard. The Lander stuff absorbs fast, you only need a tiny amount and it has this scent that I’m nuts about, because it contains coconut oil. Even The Other Half likes this stuff. It’s made in the USA so I’m guessing you can get it there too.


I picked up the final season of The West Wing which was released in Australia a couple of days ago. I now have the full collection and I’m feeling pretty happy about that. ;)


Yay, we got cookies too!


Here’s all my essential oils.


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Australia : Land of hippies and flakes?

One of my favorite Aromatherapy tricks involves putting a few drops of peppermint oil into the morning shower, once the hot water is hot. I buy my peppermint oil from Coles, it’s about $5AUD. My American friend Sephy had never *heard* of Aromatherapy. How is that possible, I wondered? Until I suggested to him to purchase some peppermint oil, which seems to be an almost impossible thing to get in his country. That’s bizarre. If you’re American and reading this, can you mention where you might be able to get these products other than online?

Here in Australia, you can buy pure essential oils at every supermarket I have ever been to. You can buy them in *most* chemists and health food stores. You can buy “fragrant” oils (note, not necessarily pure essential oils and there is a difference) at almost every $2 store and bargain shop. Incense you can also buy almost everywhere. We also have a lot of products on our shelves which incorporate Aromatherapy. Shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, body lotions, etc.

Some of the products I love to use in the shower that involve Aromatherapy are the Aveda products. These came to me as a surprise during a hotel stay a couple of years ago.

Aromatherapy is quite a complex and diverse field and I’ve been studying it for a few years now. I found a few great online resources if you’re interested in knowing more

Aromaweb – Lots of great articles, worth a read.
A world of Aromatherapy – has a good oils a-z section which gives quick info on the oils and what they do
Essential Aura Aromatics – has a lot more detailed info on each oil.

Does the availability of Aromatherapy oils all over the place mean Australia is a land of hippies and flakes? Or does it mean that Aromatherapy is a valuable thing that works? What do you think? :)

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A favourite thing..


Hey, if you have a blog and you’re reading this, take a pic of one of your favourite things and put it on your blog.

I’ve been cleaning all day and now am off to get ready to drive to Sydney, back about midnight tonight but I probably won’t be coming online to blog ;) So be good, ya’all.

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