The Last Puzzle Piece

Is now sitting in my kitchen area ready for us to take it over to Mum’s new house and put it together tonight. It is a table for the outdoor area.

It is just over 5 weeks since we picked up the keys and we have accomplished so much since then – moving her in, getting the new couch delivered, ordering a desk, a new bed, having the windows cleaned then installing blinds and a screen door, foxtel, broadband, installing a ring doorbell which Mum super hugely loves, and she is all settled in over there now.

Rabbitgoo reflections

Meanwhile we’ve not sat on our hands at my place either – so much work has been done here. We’ve reorganised our storage in the second storeroom, taken down many vertical blinds which we were not in love with, replaced them in some cases with curtains and in other cases with the amazing rabbitgoo, and we’ve just started reorganising the outdoor area ready for me to run some art workshops out there.

Rabbitgoo rainbows

Today I am most determined to take an actual day off, other than dropping off the table at Mum’s and putting it together. Hence I am still in my pyjamas at 2:30pm in the recliner with a cuckoo cat in my footspace – it is a cold day and she likes to cuddle with me when it is warm.

So what is rabbitgoo? It is a film you put over your window which can block the view of anyone outside, plus give you loads of prettiness on the inside. It isn’t too hard to install especially if you have an OCD other half with enough time to do it well. It can also hide the view of the outside from the inside which you might want if you look out onto a fence and concrete, which we do in the storeroom so we will be putting some in there as well.

Hope to be around a bit more often in the upcoming weeks, have been very focused on moving Mum and work for a bit. :) Hoping you are all well!

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