Berry Rainy

Last weekend we dropped over to the Berry Markets.

It was raining. We did not mind but the stall holders were Not Thrilled and many had packed up and gone home. On the way back to find lunch this wall of flowers caught my attention. How pretty!

We ended up at Il Locale for some sourdough toast with Smashed Avo plus Tomato & Fetta. Smashed Avo is practically an Australian tradition now, if you ever visit you must have it in a cafe somewhere.

Plus one of the best coffees I have had in a while.

We had a lovely day out, and this area – most of Australia, in fact, at this time – desperately needs the rain so when the sky opens up one must simply rejoice in the water falling from the sky, not begrudge it for even one second..

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4 thoughts on “Berry Rainy

  1. That toast looks delicious! I’m from a rainy area of the world, but the summers are getting increasingly hot and dry. It’s not good for our agriculture and other plants.

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