Berry Bridge Walk


We went for a lovely walk with about 6,000 other people and quite a few doggies.


Everyone went at their own pace, there was no rush and thankfully it did not rain, though you can see the people of Berry were well prepared in case it did. We also were carrying an umbrella.


The local politician put on a sausage sizzle for gold coin donations. There are not many towns where the free sausage sizzle would offer vegan sausages and gluten free bread.


Water and sunscreen were also available for free. and there were port-a-loos available too. It was very cold so layers and beanies were the big trend of the day.


There was a free shuttle bus service which we had taken over to the walk, but we chose to walk back to the showground as it was quite a lovely day and we had enjoyed our walk thus far, and the sun chose to make an appearance.


The last part of the bypass is still being worked on. They are estimating mid-July for this part to be completed.


The Berry Markets are on this Sunday and it looks like the weather might be beautiful though slightly chilly. This might be the last ever markets where the highway is still running through the town, if the bypass really does open in July. If you are going, BYO tote bag to put your purchases in!

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9 thoughts on “Berry Bridge Walk

    • Oh, it was icy, Mitchell. About 13 degrees that day. I had all my layers on – colour coordinated of course, none of that plaid mixing you see so much of. :) I am jealous of your sun right now because we are having a week of very cold weather here!

    • Berry does know how to put on a show, Rain, we are so looking forward to what happens there once the bypass is open. We went over to the markets yesterday and the town was completely packed. I had never seen it that busy before. It was the start of school holidays, they had a car show on as well as the markets, and the highway still running through the town, it was madness even though it was icy out. We did not stay very long because you could not even get near the market stalls. :)

    • I think this kind of thing has become a bit of a tradition when you are opening a new road in some places, in this case the local state politician who got the funding for this wanted to celebrate the end result and make a bit of an event out of it. Unlike the majority of politicians I do not know anyone who has a bad word to say about this guy. He works pretty hard to get results for the community. :)

      Our federal politician is much hated by almost everyone and I am sure she will be booted out at the next election, they came very close to getting her out this time. I do not know anyone that has a good word to say about her, especially after she promised she would poll the local community on gay marriage and support what the community wanted but when she found out via her poll that nearly everyone wanted gay marriage she promptly went back on her word. :/

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