Just Chilling


The chooks got a large serving of summer fruit – this selection of cherries and watermelon cut into chook bite size pieces and blueberries was followed by some chopped up mango, too.


This is the sedate version before the mango was given to them – they go a bit cray-cray for all these fruits but mango sends them into a clucking frenzy.


Here is Happy who soon after this photo was taken found a lizard and chased it around the BBQ until I intervened. She is still looking for the lizard, who hopefully is finding a newer and safer home after climbing into one of my shoes until I could lock Happy away.


Grumpy did not even stir during the lizard drama. She is far too happy sleeping here. Out of all of us I believe Grumpy most enjoys the delicate nirvana. She loves that it is mostly warm out here, that the sun warms her through the sun panels – but blocks most of the UV rays which is a very good thing considering how often she basks out here and she loves her large water container.

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