Zoo Time 1


Kemiri was recently euthanised after 22 years of a fantastic life at Adelaide Zoo where she was a much loved animal who truly loved humans. I have written about her before on the blog. Make sure to click through and read about the time she gave some humans a big scare.


After we left Adelaide, Kemiri got to do something which – knowing her as well as we did – I am certain pleased her enormously. She became the Big Cat who interacted with the humans. She was a Sumatran Tiger who firmly believed she was a human, due to her hand raising.

On the Facebook post where they announced her passing, people posted a lot of photos of that time they got to meet her. She touched so many people across her long life and turned a lot of people into passionate supporters of animal conservation. But she really would not care about that – she just loved being near to the humans.

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6 thoughts on “Zoo Time 1

    • She loved that spot, Rain – she could sit there and watch the humans and because she was so cute while she did it, all the humans would stop. I really cannot express how happy I was to hear she got to be around a lot more humans in her later years. :)

    • Sadly she never did manage to mate with a male tiger, Andrew. In some ways that might have been a blessing because I am not sure she would have known what to do with cubs. :) She was deeply gorgeous. :)

  1. She was so beautiful. I always went to see the big cats first whenever I went to the zoo. The last couple of times I didn’t see her and assumed she was sleeping somewhere. I hadn’t known she was so old.

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