8 thoughts on “Speedy Rosie

    • Thanks for dropping by my blog, AnnODyne! ;)

      I know some chook owners do feed it, I personally don’t give them cat food – there can be additives in there which are great for cats but not so great for chickens and the ingredients change quite often so it is easier for me to just steer well clear. They do get tinned tuna from time to time but it is tuna I would eat myself. :)

    • Chooks have trouble digesting lactose, so I give them lactose free yoghurt. Some owners do feed normal yoghurt, though. They get a lot of benefits from the probiotics and they absolutely love yoghurt, they leave nothing on the plate but little beak marks. ;)

    • Rosie is a Grand Dame, she has never been in the presence of a rooster that I know of, but if she were to meet one she would look down her nose quite haughtily and be very unimpressed by his antics, and I suspect she would not approve of any advances! :)

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