If You Need A Hacker


Sometimes I get some brilliant spam. The reason this one stood out to me, though, was the email address. It was quite similar to one The Other Half used to use when I first met him.

I have removed the email address obviously, because spamming that to the world was their entire reason for posting the comment. It turned out when I searched for the IP address it tracked back to Nigeria – so this is another new scam format.

I did leave in the fact that it is a gmail address – for the most part, real hackers would probably steer clear of gmail, I suspect. I could of course be wrong!

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3 thoughts on “If You Need A Hacker

  1. Some is amusing, some irritating and some disturbing I used to get a lot when I was on LJ and WordPress but on blogger it’s almost non existent. I have received some awesome ones on gmail about Ashley Madison. most make me laugh. .I reposted on on to facebook but I should do a blog post about it :)

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