Television Tuesday – Vet Shows

This is one kind of television show which is guaranteed to bring forth tears in Snoskred. They tend to be happy tears, though sometimes there are sad tears.

The Supervet

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On every Wednesday night for the past few weeks, I’ve been tuning in to watch The Supervet on the Lifestyle Channel on Foxtel. . The operations and innovations that Noel has invented to help animals are mind boggling and quite incredible.

On a recent show there was a cat having hydrotherapy – they put a little life jacket on the animal and two people get in and support the animal in the water. This cat was meowing very loudly the whole time, as if telling the world that swimming was Not Especially Awesome, or perhaps to say that swimming is awesome fun!


The recoveries animals can make as a result of hydrotherapy can be quite incredible. And that is when the happy tears arrive – when healed animals are reunited with their owners.. In the case of the cat I mentioned, the cat meowed very loudly and quite a lot on meeting the owners, as if telling the story of what had happened in their absence.

And sometimes things do not turn out as hoped, and owners have to make difficult decisions. The show does not shy away from showing that, because that is something that happens in life. That is when the sad tears appear.

On the very odd occasion, owners arrive expecting to have to make that difficult decision to say goodbye only to discover that there has been a development which means they do not have to euthanize their much loved pet. That is when sad tears turn into happy tears.

Here is one clip from the show –

And here is Noel explaining the concept and ethos of his vet practice. He has a fantastic Irish accent. :)

Village Vets Australia

These vets live in Berry which is only a short drive from me. Because they are in the country, the range of animals they see is quite huge – they see everything from horses, cows and alpacas, plus your standard cats and dogs, plus birds and reptiles, plus many animals in between.

I enjoyed the first season of this show last year, and I’m looking forward to season two which starts this Thursday on the Lifestyle channel on Foxtel. The website for the show can be found here.

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2 thoughts on “Television Tuesday – Vet Shows

  1. I like those sorts of shows too, but have to say, as much as I love my cat, if keeping him would cost me thousands of dollars in operation and recovery fees, I don’t think I’d do it.

    • Each to their own, River. :) I just think it is very special that Noel is working so hard to innovate all kinds of new operations that have never been done before. And the amount of love he has for animals is a lovely thing to watch. ;)

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