8 thoughts on “WW – Old Photos

    • This was a helicopter flight from Seaworld. :)

      My two nephews who were quite young at the time got to have their first helicopter flight, they were so excited! We had an awesome holiday..

    • The Gold Coast reminds me a lot of Oahu, just without the Aloha you find on Oahu.. :) having been to Oahu many times now, I do prefer it there..

      The prices are a bit high at the moment due to the exchange rate, I can’t do long plane flights due to my pulmonary embolism thingy which I had after my last trip, and our favourite place to stay – the Peninsula – has some decent rates, so maybe a Gold Coast Holiday is in our future. :)

      We can drive there from here in a day, albeit a slightly long day.. and we could pick up family on the way..

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