A Cup Of Tea


Do you like a cup of tea?

Snoskred loves a cup of tea. Bizarrely, her favourite brew was invented by Kevin Rudd, former Prime Minister and foreign minister of Australia. Dude can’t delegate work to others or run a country without getting backstabbed by his own political party, but boy can KRudd blend a tea. He won a competition back in 2011 for his tea blend..

Originally meant to be a limited edition for just 12 months, the Australian Afternoon Tea proved so popular that it is now a permanent member of the Twinings range.

I am not a fan of KRudd at all, but I love this tea blend, and I recently picked up 100 bags for an insanely low price which will last me quite some time.

When and why?

I do not drink tea daily. On a day that I drink it, I will usually brew a cup mid to late afternoon. Rainy or cold days are more likely to result in a cup of tea.

What else do you put in it?

I like honey in my tea as the sweetener. Something magical happens when you combine honey and tea.

For some teas like the Australian Afternoon Tea and various forms of black tea I will use a dash of cream if I have some, milk if not.

For teas that are more herbal in nature like the Madame Flavour range, Cinnamon and Orange, Lemon Ginger, green tea or fruit flavoured teas I will only add a touch of honey and no form of milk or cream.

Here are some of the teas in my tea cupboard –


Overseas readers – want to try the Australian Afternoon Tea?

Shoot me an email to snoskred {at} gmail {dot} com or contact me via the Contact Form with a postal address – don’t leave it in the comments for safety reasons – and I will send you a sealed Australian Afternoon Tea Twinings tea packet, from their range where you buy 10 foil sealed teabags in a box! Make sure to include your blog address if I don’t already read your blog, so I can add you to my feedreader.

Do you like a cup of tea?

Leave a comment to let me know -or write a post on your blog and link to this post. :)

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12 thoughts on “A Cup Of Tea

  1. I have memories of when I was a little girl… if I stayed home sick from school I would stay with my great grandmother. She would always give me toast with butter and cinnamon sugar…. and a cup of hot tea with milk and sugar. To this day I always want that if I’m feeling under the weather.

  2. I love a good tea. I usually experiment with different ones. Till date my favorite blends is teh Jasmine Green tea ( a local blend from Southern India).
    Next time I am in Australia I am going to make a note to try the KRudd blend.

  3. I love tea and drink it every day, but only the decaf varieties. I always add raw honey and a little cream. Thanks so much for visiting me today. It is wonderful to meet you. I have subscribed to your email feed so that I won’t miss a post. xo Laura

  4. Ooooh I love a good old cup of tea, and I drink loads of it during the day. I am pretty straightforward when it comes to my cuppa, it has to be good old PG Tips Pyramid bags with milk, no sugar. I also like it made in a pot, which is a rarity.
    I have not really tried many ‘fancy’ teas. The only time I ventured off the PG Tips path was when I was heavily pregnant, and I was told drinking raspberry leaf tea could speed up labour!
    I’m loving you blog, by the way…so much stuff on here! Will be back again soon.

  5. I have to admit as an American tea etiquette was foreign. Then I moved to England. I still annoy my friends because I can’t help but correct their tea habits. Also there is no scone as good as a proper English one. Now I’m hungry. Happy NaBloPoMo from a fellow.

  6. My cupboard is too messy for me to show you a picture of my tea stash…
    Favorites are black teas: Earl Grey, lapsang souchong… But currently working through a huge box of PG Tips my MIL left behind for me from her visit last Jan.
    If you can believe it, I married a Cornishman who’s a coffee drinker – won’t touch tea! & here in TX, we drink iced tea by the quart in summertime.
    Happy to have found your blog – I’ll get over there eventually ;-)
    Best wishes, Val-who-ain’t-clever-enough-to-come-up-with-good-alias

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